Faculty Panelists

On Friday and Saturday mornings, attendees will chose from among more than a dozen concurrent sessions where faculty from the nation's leading universities will present on their cutting-edge research in:

Friday, Oct. 5, 9:30-10:30am


Astronomy & Physics

Galactic Cannibalism


Kathryn Johnston
Associate Professor of Astrophysics
Columbia University

Discovery of the Higgs Particle: Dream or Nightmare?


Melissa Franklin
Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics
Department Chair of Physics
Harvard University


Bioengineering and Medical Physics

Quantitative Image-based Biomarkers in the Assessment of Breast Cancer Risk, Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Response to Therapy


Maryellen Giger
Professor of Radiology
Committee on Medical Physics, and the College
Chair, Committee on Medical Physics
Vice-Chair, Radiology (Basic Science Research)
University of Chicago

Bio-Engineered Models of Disease:
Novel Approaches for Understanding Human Health


Cynthia A. Reinhart-King
Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering
Cornell University


Cognition & Language

Mind and Society in Baboons


Robert Seyfarth
Professor of Psychology
University of Pennsylvania

How Infants Understand What You're Saying, and How We Can Tell


Dan Swingley
Associate Professor of Psychology
University of Pennsylvania


Environmental Science

Sea-level Change Along the Atlantic Coast of the United States


Ben Horton
Associate Professor
Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Pennsylvania

Magmas: Window into Planetary Interiors


Alberto Saal
Associate Professor
Geological Sciences
Brown University


Genetic, Molecular, & Neuronal Bases of Behavior

Novel Genomic Methods in Autism and Related Disorders


Eric Morrow
Assistant Professor
Department of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry
Brown University

Neuronal and Molecular Basis of Social Behavior Using Mouse Models


Catherine Dulac
Higgins Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Harvard University



Haptics: Touch Feedback for Robotic Surgery, Tablet Computers, and More


Katherine Kuchenbecker
Skirkanich Assistant Professor of Innovation in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
University of Pennsylvania

Intelligent Robots


Dan Lee
Associate Professor
Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering
University of Pennsylvania


Saturday, Oct. 6, 9:30-10:30am


Applied Science & Engineering

At the Boundaries of Engineering, Fluid Mechanics and Biology


Howard Stone
Donald R. Dixon '69 and Elizabeth W. Dixon Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Princeton University

The Properties of Plastic at the Nanoscale


Rodney D. Priestley
Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Princeton University


Applied Math & Computational Modeling

Sensory and Cognitive Maps in the Brain:
How Neural Circuits Efficiently Describe Abstract Spaces


Vijay Balasubramanian
Professor of Physics
University of Pennsylvania

Dynamic Rate Queues:
Performance Forecasts with Design, Pricing and Allocation Policies


William Massey
Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering
Princeton University


Astronomy & Physics

Star and Planet Formation


Gillian Knapp
Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Astrophysical Sciences
Princeton University

Detecting Dark Matter Particles with Liquefied Noble Gases


Daniel McKinsey
Associate Professor of Physics
Yale University


Biostatistics and Biomedical Studies

A Biostatistician's Role in the Prevention and Treatment of Obesity


Reneé Moore
Associate Professor
Department of Statistics
North Carolina State University

DNA Mismatch Repair and Cancer


Alison Gammie
Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biology
Princeton University


Evolutionary Biology


Ryan G. Calsbeek
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
Dartmouth College


Evolution at the Molecular Level


Josh Plotkin
Associate Professor of Biology
University of Pennsylvania


Evolution of the Human Diet


Nathaniel J. Dominy
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Dartmouth College


Materials Science

Designer Drops and Bubbles


Daeyeon Lee
Assistant Professor
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
University of Pennsylvania


Jorge J. Santiago-Aviles
Associate Professor
Electrical and Systems Engineering
University of Pennsylvania


Microbes and Environmental Health

Building Bacterial Fences:
Self-identity as a Basis for Social Behavior


Karine Gibbs
Assistant Professor
Molecular and Cellular Biology
Harvard University

Interdisciplinary Research and Education in Environmental Health and Technology at Brown University


Agnes Kane
Professor and Chair of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Brown University