Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Symposium Executive Planning Committee

Executive Co-Chairs

Robert Carter, Associate Director, African-American Resource Center

Colleen Winn, Staff Assistant, African-American Resource Center

Hallmark Program Committee


  • Valerie Allen, Director, African-American Resource Center
  • Robert Carter, Associate Director, African-American Resource Center

Community Involvement Awards Committee


  • Glenn Bryan, Assistant Vice President, Office of Government& Community Relations
  • Valerie Johnson, Coordinator, Office of Government & Relations

Programs Committee


  • Lashauna Connell, Diversity and Recruitment Coordinator, School of Medicine
  • Stephen Kocher, Associate Chaplain, Office of the Chaplain

Day of Service Committee


  • Isabel Mapp, Associate Director, Netter Center for Community Partnerships
  • Marguerite F. Miller, Editor, Almanac
  • Rob Gurnee, Executive Director, Christian Association
  • Gloria Gay, Retired Associate Director, Penn Women’s Center
  • Lashauna Myers Connell, Diversity and Recruitment Coordinator,School of Medicine
  • Anita Mastroieni, Director, Graduate Student Center
  • Rodney Robinson, Associate Director, Office of Student Affairs

Public Relations


  • Marguerite F. Miller, Editor, Almanac
  • Aminat Balogun, undergraduate work-study, African-American Resource Center


  • Anjali Bushan - MSW/JD Intern, African-American Resource Center