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Noontime Lunch Series

Wednesday, September 17th

Come out and meet the 2015 WOCAP chair Karima Williams.

****If you want to suggest the name and information of future presenters send this information to: cowinn@upenn.edu.


Women of Color at Penn 2014 Conference

"what's Love got to do With It: Issues of Initmacy for Women of Color"

Relationships appear to be becoming increasingly complicated in this new and changing world. Are past definitions of intimacy relevant today? Join us as we explore how changes impact our definitions of intimacy and discuss the emerging and expanding compositions of love.   What previous or current definitions of intimacy help to ensure the effectiveness of relationships for communities of color?
Suggested topic areas include but are not limited to: Single by Choice, Single by Chance, New Dating protocols (Cougars, Polyamory, Racial Differences, and Same Sex Relationships) and On-Line Dating.
• Please include the following:
• Full Name of presenter
• Current e-mail, mailing address, telephone number • Brief biographical sketch of the presenter • Title of the presentation and brief description • Any audiovisual equipment needed
• Speakers participating in the conference will receive:
• Reduced rate registration
• Complimentary lunch  

Proposals for presentations at this conference will be accepted at wocaptix@gmail.com. Deadline for proposals is July 30, 2014


Stay tuned -- Date and more information are forth coming.




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