Open Forum Topics at University Council Meeting: November 30

Posted November 29, 2016

1.     Request to speak on the topic of financial aid as it pertains to LPS students.

a)     Topic submitted by Martin Smith, G’17, LPS’17

2.     Request to discuss the merits of closing the University on Election Day for the purpose of allowing students, staff and faculty to vote and participate in the election process. 

a)     Topic submitted by Paul Lewis, ENG ’01, Senior IT Support Specialist, SASC Computing

3.     Request to discuss making Election Day into a holiday for faculty, staff, and students, or any other measure that can increase civic engagement on campus. 

a)     Topic submitted by Jess Bicknell,  ‎Interpretive Planning Manager,  Penn Museum

4.     Request to provide commentary and pose questions related to behavioral health resources at Penn.

a)     Topic submitted by Robert Ashford, MSW ’17