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Almanac Publication Policies

Frequency and Size of Publication

Almanac is published weekly throughout the academic year—except during winter break and spring break—and once in July.  That is normally about 34 issues per volume which begins in July.

Almanac is budgeted to be eight pages per week most weeks, except for the week that the monthly calendar appears. When there is a supplement—a lengthy document—the originator of that supplement bears the cost of preparing and printing their report and incremental postage charges associated with mailing a larger issue. Documents or reports are property of originators until released for publication.

Scope of Publication

As the University’s journal of record, opinion and news, Almanac delivers information that Penn faculty and staff members need to know to participate more fully in University life, through the governance bodies, in community service opportunities, or in supporting the mission of the University.        

Record: three-year academic calendar; recognized holidays; secular and religious holidays; official meeting notices, including Faculty Senate Executive Committee (SEC) Agenda and SEC Actions, Council and Trustee meeting coverage; committee reports, announcements, and proposed changes to policies (For Comment) and new or revised policies (OF RECORD); Human Resources benefits and other programs.

Opinion:  a forum for open expression, balanced by the editor in the interest of fairness and reasonableness, to all individuals and groups (including alumni) in the Penn community. Almanac takes no editorial stance but encourages a robust clash of opinion within the framework of the Guide for Readers and Contributors. Priority is given to urgent topics of importance to the University community. Right of reply is offered so that both sides appear in the same issue.

News:  includes news about Penn people (honors, deaths); major gifts (named chairs, buildings, scholarships); events (centennials, celebrations, conferences, special events); Penn Connects 2.0 facilities (construction, renovation, expansion, groundbreaking); schools’ mission statements and plans; Government Affairs Update; Research Roundup; Talk About Teaching and Learning; Benchmarks.

Almanac strives to be objective, equitable and balanced in its coverage, yet it does not avoid coverage of controversy. The tone of the publication is fairly staid and low-key. Almanac is printed on white offset stock rather than newsprint, so that it can withstand the test of time; it is meant to be a permanent resource.

When necessary, either due to our oversight or that of a contributor, corrections are run in print, and the online versions are corrected with a notation to that effect.

To Report A Death

Almanac appreciates being informed of the deaths of current and former faculty and staff members, students, and other members of the University community. However, notices of alumni deaths should be directed to the Alumni Records Office at Room 517, Franklin Building, (215) 898-8136 or e-mail

Distribution of Publication

Copies are distributed on campus via intramural mail, free of charge, and are also mailed via U.S. Mail to Trustees. It is distributed electronically to Overseers, and Emeritus Faculty are offered an opportunity to select either the hard copy or the electronic version, or both. Individuals not affiliated with Penn may get a subscription mailed to them for a nominal charge.

Calendar of Events

The AT PENN calendar is published ten times per year—September through May and once for the summer months. It contains events that will take place primarily on campus, or nearby at such places as International House and Wistar Institute, as well as at the Slought Gallery and the Esther Klein Gallery.  Almanac posts more pictures online on the calendar “Extras” page, augmenting what is seen in the hard copy.

The Website and Express Almanac

The Almanac website contains the issues, the calendars and when necessary, Breaking News that is posted in the Almanac Between Issues(ABI) section. It also contains links to other websites on campus and some off-campus news sources.  The website is available to anyone with Internet access; we do not charge any fees for accessing material which goes back to 1954, nor is a password or PennKey needed.

When Breaking News is posted online, an Express Almanac mailing is sent out electronically to those who have subscribed for free. Also, each week that an issue of Almanac is published, an Express Almanac is sent out with highlights from the latest issue’s content.

Almanac provides links to select stories each week there is an issue via RSS. Please visit for instructions on how to subscribe to the RSS feed.

Classified Ads

Classified ads only appear in the printed editions and the PDF online, and are available to University-related researchers who need subjects for studies, as well as to individuals who want to sell or rent something, or offer a service. There is a caveat that appears in the box with the ads that reads, “Almanac is not responsible for the contents of classified ad material.”  There is a nominal charge for classified ads.


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