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Recipient of Rubinstein Award

The Political Science Teaching Evaluation Committee has selected Justin Wert as the inaugural recipient of the Alvin Z. Rubinstein Memorial Award for Distinguished Teaching by a Political Science Graduate Student.

Mr. Wert is a fourth-year doctoral student. He has served as a TA in eight courses with five different faculty members. He also has served as a fellow in the Writing Across the University Program. His first teaching experience, in fall 1998, was with Dr. Rubinstein.

Mr. Wert was described by one of his students as "an incredible teaching assistant" because of his "ability to treat us as intelligent students" and because he realizes that "most students attend lectures and do the reading and therefore do not need a repetition of the lecture but rather they would like to touch on subjects unexplored."

The Rubinstein Award was created earlier this year in memory of Professor of Political Science Alvin Z. Rubinstein, who passed away in December (Almanac January 8, 2002). It is made possible by the generosity of his students, colleagues, and friends.

Fulbright Fellows

Graduating Seniors:

  • Christine Bare C'02, Peru, Andean Agriculture: A Study of Gender, Spirituality, and Indigenous Knowledge.
  • Jesse Fuchs-Simon C'02, Ecuador, Creating a Type 1 Diabetes Registry in Ecuador.
  • Maribeth Gainard WH/C'02, Mali Organizational Learning in Economic Development.
  • Sabah Rahman C'02, Bangladesh, Freedom of Women as Measure of Development in Bangladesh.
  • Krishna Reddy C'02, Spain, The Structure-Function Relationship of Neuronal Nicotinic Receptors Economics.
  • Nicole Vujan NURS'02, Mexico, An Analysis of the Role of Community Health Nursing in the Prenatal Care Experiences of Women in Mexico.

Graduate Students:

  • Timothy Dobe Gr, India, Sainthood in Three Indian Religious Traditions.
  • Dan Edelstein, Gr, France, The Mythological Imagination.
  • John Nemec Gr, India, Language, Religion, and Secular Power in Tantric Shaivism.

Almanac, Vol. 48, No. 34, May 21, 2002


May 21, 2002
Volume 48 Number 34

A National Medal of Science for a pioneering Penn physicist.

SEAS selects two recipients for its annual awards.
Wharton gives awards to dozens of its faculty.
The concern about bicyclists on campus picks up momentum.
Search Committees are formed to advise on selecting two new deans.
Next Tuesday is PPSA's annual meeting and election.
Baccalaureate and Commencement speeches and photographs.
University Council committee year-end reports on Bookstores, Communications, and Community Relations.
The largest voluntary canine blood donor program in the US gets new wheels.

Recognized Holidays for faculty and staff, and revisions to the Academic Calendar.

A dozen new CCTV locations for public spaces are added to those previously approved.