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Since 1956, Penn has celebrated a rite of passage each year, for faculty and staff of all ranks who meet only one common requisite: they have been members of the University community for twenty-five years. Another 99 new members crossed the twenty-five year mark and were inducted at the University of Pennsylvania Twenty-five Year Club celebration that was held in Houston Hall on November 21, 2002.

A tote bag was given to all attendees and a limited number of extra tote bags were ordered for those members of the University of Pennsylvania Twenty-five Year Club who were unable to attend the celebration and who would like to have a memento. If you are eligible and would like a tote bag please contact the Twenty-five Year Club Secretary Duncan W. Van Dusen at (215) 573-5958 or

New 25-Year Club New Members for 2002

Ms. Janet L. Abraham, Hematology/Oncology/Med
Dr. Jay D. Amsterdam, Psychology/Med
Dr. Regina Austin, Law School
Dr. Marc P. Banner, Radiology/Med
Mr. John J. Bast, Comptroller's Office
Dr. Harold S. Baumgarten, Periodontics/Dental Medicine
Ms. Arlene P. Bennett, Psychiatry/Med
Detective James B. Blackmore, Public Safety
Mr. Lawrence H. Bloom, Ophthalmology/Med
Ms. Elizabeth J. Bogle, NBC/Vet
Dr. Alexander J. Brucker, Ophthalmology/Med
Ms. Tracylea, Byford, Biology/SAS
Mr. William C. Campbell, Pathobiology/Vet
Ms. Carol Carr, Chemistry/SAS
Ms. Andrea L. M. Carroll, Chemistry/SAS
Ms. Kirsten Chalfen, Computing/SAS
Dr. Alan R. Cohen, Pediatrics/Med
Dr. Flora Campos Cornfield, CAS/SAS
Ms. Susan R. Croll, Admin./Med
Ms. Christine Davies, Educational Opportunity Center
Ms. Cheryl A. Davis, Biochemistry/Dental
Mr. Edward A. Deglin, Ophthalmology/Med
Ms. Marguerite Diggs-Thew, Dermatology/Med
Dr. David Francis Dinges, Psychology in Psychiatry/Med
Dr. Stephen N. Dunning, Religious Studies/SAS
Dr. Laurence E. Earley, Medicine, Med
Dr. Claire M. Fagin, Nursing
Ms. Ella S. Feldman, Dental Medicine
Ms. Marsha Z. Finkelman, VHUP/Vet
Mr. John Freeman, Operations and Maintenance
Ms. Dora M. Gardner, Business Services
Dr. Peter W. Gariti, Psychiatry/Med
Dr. Henry A. Glick, Hematology/Oncology/Med
Dr. David R. Goldmann, Internal Medicine/Med
Dr. Ellis Eckstein Golub, Biochemistry/Dental Medicine
Dr. A. John Graham, Classical Studies, SAS
Dr. Harvey J. Grill, Psychology/SAS
Ms. Sophie Hamilton, Pathology/Med
Dr. Steven D. Handler, Head & Neck Surgery/Med
Dr. John Hansen-Flaschen, Medicine/Med
Ms. Martha J. Hanson, Office of International Programs
Mr. Roy R. Heinz, Library Center
Dr. Anita V. Hole, Psychology in Psychiatry/Med
Ms. Lovinea Hooker, Student Financial Services
Ms. Joanne B. Howard, Medicine/Med
Mr. Kenneth H. Jackson, Business Services
Dr. Jerry C. Johnson, Geriatric Medicine/Med
Dr. Frederick S. Kaplan, Orthopaedic Molecular Medicine/Med
Mr. Everett T. Keech, Organizational Dynamics/SAS
Dr. Anthony S. Kroch, Linguistics/SAS
Dr. Robert M. Lavker, Dermatology/Med
Mr. Francis C. Lazorik, Dermatology/Med
Ms. Megan Lembke, Library Center
Dr. Walter Licht, History/SAS
Mr. Craig Lichtman, Psychiatry/Med
Ms. Virginia A. Mace, Program in ISB/Wharton
Dr. Greg Maislin, Pulmonary & Critical Care/Med
Ms. Margarita Maisonet, Insurance Risk Management/Wharton
Dr. Daniel Malamud, Biochemistry/Dental
Mr. William Mason, Microbiology/Med
Dr. Ann E. Mayer, Legal Studies/Wharton
Dr. Paul A. McDermott, Pediatrics/GSE
Dr. Patrick McGovern, University Museum
Dr. Kathryn K. McMahon, Romance Languages/SAS
Ms. Lynn Moller, Student Life
Ms. Victoria A. Mulhern, Faculty Affairs/Med
Ms. Mary E. Mullen, Telecommunication Services
Ms. Guna S. Mundheim, CAS/SAS
Mr. Anthony R. Natale, Operations and Maintenance, Facilities
Ms. Judith Newkirk, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism/Med
Ms. Elisabeth O'Connell, Admissions
Dr. James A. Orsini, Surgery, NBC/Vet
Ms. Sharon Pepe, Student Financial Services
Mr. Frank Plantan, Jr., International Relations/SAS
Dr. Ann F. Rhoads, Morris Arboretum
Mr. Ira Rosenwaike, Sociology/SAS
Mr. Louis E. Rossman, Endodontics/Dental Medicine
Dr. Paul Shaman, Statistics/Wharton
Mr. James W. Shepard, Dental Medicine
Dr. David P. Silverman, Asian/Middle East Studies/SAS
Dr. Nathan Sivin, History & Sociology of Science/SAS
Ms. Merle J. Slyhoff, Biddle Law Library
Ms. Drucilla C. Spanner, Engineering/SEAS
Dr. Dwight E. Stambolian, Ophthalmology/Med
Dr. Stuart E. Starr, Pediatrics/Med
Dr. Leslie Sutton, Neurology/Med
Dr. Brian Sutton-Smith, GSE
Mr. John M. Taylor, Microbiology/Med
Ms. Gayle Viale, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine/Med
Mr. Gaston Vilaire, Hematology/Oncology/Med
Dr. Henry R. Wagner, Pediatrics/Med
Dr. Joseph R. Washington, Jr., Religious Studies/SAS
Mr. W. Stuart Watson, Research Services
Dr. Paul M. Weinberg, Pediatrics/Med
Mr. Gregory D. Williams, Dental Medicine
Mr. Ira Winston, CIS, SAS/SEAS/GSFA
Ms. Ana L. Young, Biochemistry/Biophysics/Med
Dr. Donald P. Younkin, Neurology & Pediatrics/Med
Dr. Marc Yudkoff, Pediatrics/Med

The Old Guard welcomes one of Penn's newest senior administrators.Executive Vice President Clifford L. Stanley, who joined the University last October (center), is flanked by two long-time members of the Twenty-Five Year Club. Dr. F. William Sunderman (at left), M.D. '23, Ph.D. '29, professor emeritus of pathology and laboratory medicine, who has been at Penn since 1919 and is now 104 years old; and Dr. Jerome H. Sklaroff, (at right) C '43, who celebrated his 50th year on the Penn Dental Medicine orthodontics faculty in 2002.

  Almanac, Vol. 49, No. 17, January 14, 2003