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February AT PENN Extras!Extras!

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Maya 101: UPM

History of the ancient Maya. Learn their origins, culture, religion, sophisticated writing system, and the archaeological discoveries that have revealed their complex history.

Penn Presents: Annenberg Center

San Jose Taiko joins the traditional rhythms of Japanese drumming with the beat of world rhythms including African, Balinese, Brazilian, Latin and jazz percussion. They will perform at the Annenburg Center on February 2.


Ladysmith Black Mambazo performs as part of the African Culture Series on February 15. They represent the traditional culture and sound of South Africa.


Mongolia: Photography by Jacques Jean Tiziou
Fox Gallery,
Through March 14


The Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble: UPM

Untitled Document

The Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble, more than 30 members strong, will be among the many performers at the University of Pennsylvania Museum's 14th annual Celebration of African Cultures extravaganza Saturday, February 15.



Darkwater: Arthur Ross Gallery
Through March 2

Darkwater, an exhibition by artist Terry Adkins, is a tribute to Du Bois the scholar, poet and activist. The shows title comes from Du Bois' book Darkwater: Voices within the Veil.


Esther Klein Gallery: Art & Community II
Through March 7

Untitled Document

Art of the Southwest Community Enrichment Center

Ida May Sydnor, 2000


Ruth Barkley, 2001


ICA Winter Exhibitions
Through April 6

Justine Kurland

Wood Song, 2002
Toned gelatin silver print
Courtesy of the artist and Gorney, Bravin + Lee, New York


Adam Ames: Without Warning (Flying Vaginas Are Trying to Eat Me)

Without Warning, (video still)
Courtesy of the Adam Ames


Edna Andrade: Optical Paintings, 1963-1986


Temple, 1986
Acrylic on canvas
Collection of Fred and Kathryn Giampietro


Photographic Explorations:
A Century of Images in Archaeology and Anthropology: UPM

Through April 15

Untitled Document

Photo: James B. Pritchard, 1958.
James B. Pritchard excavated the site of Gibeon in modern-day Jordan, a site mentioned a number of times in the Bible. Pictured here is the spectacular pool of Gibeon.


Photo: Jane Goodale, 1954.
The Tiwi are an Australian Aboriginal group living on Melville Island. Jane Goodale, then a graduate student in Penn's Anthropology Department, spent most of 1954 living among them.


Photo: George F. Dales, 1969.
George F. Dales surveyed the Seistan region (pictured above) of southwestern Afghanistan in search of evidence of contact between the Indus and Mesopotamian civilizations.


Photo by John Henry Haynes, 1899.
Workers carry away baskets full of dirt in a stark, surreal landscape at Nippur in Iraq, 1899.


Without Ground: ICA
Through July 27

Untitled Document
Kimowan McLain's Without Ground creates a narrative of Native American diaspora. Using manipulated photo images transferred directly to the wall, Without Ground marches like film imagery in a line of figures stretching the length of the ICA's Ramp Corridor.


A Plantsman in Asia: 1979-2000: Morris Arboretum
Through September

Untitled Document

Exhibit provides an in-depth photographic view of the Asian people and their unique, close connection with plants.


Mammoth Scale: The Anatomical Sculptures of
William Rush: Wistar Institute

Through October

William Rush, model of the sphenoid bone, 1808.
Photo by Candace diCarlo.



  Almanac, Vol. 49, No. 19, January 28, 2003