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Philadelphia International Children's Festival
April 30-May 4

The Kotchegna Dance Company from the Ivory Coast incorporates regional dances and traditional songs John Flynn, songwriter and performer

The Silent Theater will perform an old folk tale, Donkey Skin He Is Out!, classic clowning traditions and modern theatre clowning duo, KiSaCo, welcome a baby into the world

Snow White, with minimal props and set, three exceptional actors use an inspired mix of mime, physical theatre and original songs to tell this story Stoneface, a show without words combines music, poetry, and sight-gags into a theatrical experience



Penn Presents: Annenberg Center

Foley (The Corn Exchange Production), shows what your family really passes on to you



Why We Invade England: Acts, Edicts and Declarations Slought Foundation
Through May 26

This exibit features a timely selection of publications from the Stuart Dynasty by James I, Oliver Cromwell, Charles II, William III (Prince of Orange), Mary II, and the British Parliament, evidencing the fragility of power as amassed and imposed through law



MFA Alumni Exhibition: Kroiz Gallery
Through May 30

White Shoes
by William Hudders MFA '00
Oil on canvas
by Phyllis Krim BFA '52
Acrylic on canvas



Folio 2003: Group Exhibition of Artits from GSFA: Burrison Gallery
Through June 6

Folio is a project where 40 artists--graduate students, artist-in-residences and faculty of GSFA-come together to create an edition of 42 portfolios of original, edition prints. Prints span traditional hand printing and digitally output prints.



ICA: Spring Exhibits 2003
Through July 27

Polly Apfelbaum, 2000
velvet and dye


Nadine Robinson, 2002



Trees in Exhibition: Morris Arboretum
Through August 18

Cedars of Lebanon,
Marcy Abhau
Creeping Spruce,
Marcy Abhau



Touching the Mekong: A Southeast Asia Sojourn:

Through August 30

Bathing the Buddha,
Bagan, Maynmar.
Photo: Andrea Baldeck
Young Monks at Maing Thauk Monastery,
Shan State, Myanmar.
Photo: Andrea Baldeck



Charles Cooper and John H. Stone: Painting and Sculpture: Esther Klein Gallery
Through May 2

by Charles Cooper
Kitchen Gods at Work,
John H. Stone



Homage to Maury:Burrison Gallery
Through May 3

Untitled, Salih Memecan, c.1980.



Steve McCurry-South Southeast: Arthur Ross Gallery, Through May 25


Photo by Steve McCurry, Haunted Eyes Tell of a Young Afghan Refugee's Fears, Baluchistan, Pakistan, 1985, is part of the exhibit South Southeast, at the Arthur Ross Gallery.

"Rebuilding the city of Herat after years of Soviet
bombing" Herat, Afghanistan. 1993

"Mazar-I-Sharif Mosque" Afghanistan. 1991



Without Ground: ICA
Through July 27

Kimowan McLain's Without Ground creates a narrative of Native American diaspora. Using manipulated photo images transferred directly to the wall, Without Ground marches like film imagery in a line of figures stretching the length of the ICA's Ramp Corridor.



A Plantsman in Asia: 1979-2000: Morris Arboretum
Through September

Exhibit provides an in-depth photographic view of the Asian people and their unique, close connection with plants.



Mammoth Scale: The Anatomical Sculptures of
William Rush: Wistar Institute

Through October

William Rush, model of the sphenoid bone, 1808.
Photo by Candace diCarlo.



Worlds Interwined:
Etruscans, Greeks, and Romans: UPM


Loculus Cover (burial niche) funerary relief of man and servants, limestone,2nd century A.D., Palmyra, Syria.

The sculpted coversthat seal the loculi in Palmyra's Valley of the Dead, provides considerable information about Palmyrene burial customs, religion and local life.

This cover depicts a youth reclining with a vase in his left hand. Two males in smaller scale, perhaps slaves, stand by, holding amphora and a cup.

Antefix with Satyr head, terra cotta, 4th century B.C., Cerveteri, Italy.

One of a set of antefixes with backdrops in the shape of shells, from a large temple in the countryside of Caere. They were used along the edge of roofs. The satyrs have red flesh that shows they are males.

Seated God (Dionysus) with a Lion, marble, Roman Imperial period with restorations in Italy in the early 17th century or before, Rome, Italy. UPM purchased this statue from a dealer in 1911 and it can be dated back to 1622.



  Almanac, Vol. 49, No. 31, April 29, 2003