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Honors & Other Things

Dr. Winston: Judson Daland Prize

Flaura Winston

Dr. Flaura K. Winston, assistant professor of pediatrics, and founder and director of TraumaLink at Children's Hospital, is the third recipient of the Judson Daland Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Clinical Investigation. The award is given by The American Philosophical Society. Dr. Winston won the award for "her work on the biomedical and psychological foundation of pediatric trauma prevention and treatment." Dr. Winston is considered a pioneer in biomechanical epidemiology, a discipline that combines engineering, medicine, and public health in order to understand, and treat pediatric car crash injuries, the leading cause of death and acquired disability for children in the U.S.

The Judson Daland Prize was instituted by the American Philosophical Society in order to draw attention to the need for young clinical investigators and to recognize outstanding achievement in clinical investigation, particularly patient-oriented research.


Dr. Cashmore: Member of NAS

Dr. Anthony R. Cashmore, professor of biology and director of Plant Sciences Institute, has been named a member of the National Academy of Sciences. He was one of 72 new members elected this year.


Dr. Hughes: Member of NAE

Dr. Thomas P. Hughes, emeritus professor of history and sociology of science, has been elected a member of the National Academy of Engineering. Dr. Hughes was cited for his contributions to, and the effective dissemination of the history of technology.


Dr. Lipman: Best Abstract Award

Terri Lipman

Dr. Terri H. Lipman, associate professor of nursing, has been named this year's recipient of the Best Abstract Award at the National Endocrine Society. The abstract deals with her study of pediatric growth assessment in family practices. She will receive the award in June at the Society's meeting.




Dr. Tulman: Excellence in Research

Lorraine Tulman

Dr. Lorraine J. Tulman, associate professor of nursing, has been selected to receive the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) annual award of Excellence in Research. The award honors an (AWHONN) member who is recognized by peers as exemplifying the highest standards of nursing in the area of research.


The 2003 Emeriti Faculty

At the April ceremony honoring professors who recently were accorded emeritus status, President Judith Rodin and Provost Robert Barchi acknowledged the achievements of the following faculty members:

Fay Ajzenberg-Selove, Professor of Physics ('70)

David Babbel, Professor of Insurance ('85)

Roger J. Bagshaw, Associate Professor of Anesthesia ('73)

William J. Bank, Associate Professor of Neurology ('67)

William J. Donawick, Professor of Surgery ('64)

C. Nelson Dorny, Professor of Systems Engineering ('65)

Alan W. Heston, Professor of Economics ('62)

James J. Leyden, Professor of Dermatology ('70)

Wallace Thomas Miller, Professor of Radiology ('67)

Karl F. Otto, Jr., Professor of Germanic Languages and Literature ('85)

Marvin E. Steinberg, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery ('68)

Saul Sternberg, Professor of Psychology ('85)

Rosalind H. Troupin, Professor of Radiology ('78)

Note: The year in parentheses is the year the
professors joined the faculty ranks.


Penn Prize for Excellence in Teaching by
Graduate Students

The award was established in 2000 by President Judith Rodin. This is the fourth time awards have been made. Dr. Walter Licht, associate dean, has chaired the Selection Committee since its inception. Nominations for 198 graduate student teachers were submitted by 268 undergraduates. Based on those nominations, a "statement of teaching philosophy" and letter of recommendation from a faculty member familar with their teaching, the Selection Committee picked a final ten awardees and announced 13 other "Honorable Mentions." One member of the Selection Committee noted, "they were all deserving." The Selection Committee included faculty, former awardees, and undergraduates from the UA and SCUE.

2003 Awardees

(Left to right), front row: Melody Mark, President Judith Rodin, Noah Lim, Daniel Cain, Dr. Walter Licht; back row: Alexine Fleck, Stephennie Mulder, Shane Yu, Dr. Peter Conn, David Faris, Christopher Makler, Mike Smith, and Suchitra Mattai.

2003 Winners:

Daniel Cain (Mathematics)
David Faris (Political Science)
Alexine Fleck (English)
Noah Lim (Marketing)
Christopher Makler (Economics)
Melody Mark (Ancient History)
Stephennie Mulder (History of Art)
Suchitra Mattai (Fine Arts)
Mike Smith (Biology)
Shane Yu (Management)

The winners' teaching philosophies will be posted online at



Ivy Stone

The 2003 Ivy Stone was designed by Elizabeth Voitko, C '03, and will be placed in the wall on the south side of 36th Street and Locust Walk facing westward. 36th and Locust Walk is also the site for Class of 2003 Terrace, which is this year's Senior Class Gift.

Ivy Day Award Recipients

Senior Honor Awards and recipients are:

Spoon Award: Adam F. Zimbler, COL,W
Bowl Award: Arshad Hasan, COL
Cane Award: Aaron M. Short, COL
Spade Award: Lincoln W. Ellis, COL
Althea K. Hottel Award: Julia S. Gottlieb,COL
Gaylord P. Harnwell Award: Aviva N. Moster, COL
David R. Goddard Award: Ella S. Schwartz,COL
R. Jean Brownlee Award: Rebecca L. Silberman, COL

Leadership Awards

Association of Alumnae Fathers' Trophy: Runa Reta, COL

Class of 1915 Award: Samuel D. Burley, COL

Alumni Society Student Award of Merit:
Phillip John Ferrara Geheb, COL
Rebecca L. Hashim, COL
Lindsay Jaffee, COL
David B. Levin, W
William D. Moore, COL

James Howard Weiss Memorial Award:
Jonathan P. Wanderer, SEAS

Penn Student Agencies Award:
Katherine A. Jorgensen, COL

Sol Feinstone Undergraduate Awards:
Sabrina D. Harvey W'03
Ethan J. Kay W'03
Jason M. Levy C'04
Seth A. Schreiberg C'03

Class of 1939 Graduate Fellows

The Class of 1939 created a fund in 1995 to provide two fellowships each year to doctoral students who have earned a Penn undergraduate degree within the three academic years prior to the start of their doctoral studies. This year's recipients, chosen in a University-wide competition are:

Dolores Pizarro, C'03, a major in South Asia Regional Studies, specializing in Sanskrit. Her honors thesis is on the Mughal emperor Akbar and his school of thought, the Din-i Ilhi. She will enter Penn's Ph.D. program in South Asia Studies and plans to become a professor of Sanskrit.

Leonardo Dugan, C'02, majored in music. While here, he produced several original compositions including a five-movement suite that he composed, rehearsed, and conducted as part of the Provost's orientation for incoming first-year students. He will enter Penn's Ph.D. program in Music (Composition).

PAWS: Wharton Business Plan

Wharton MBA husband and wife team,Chris and Natasha Ashton from Great Britain, along with teammates Alex Krooglik and Laura Bennett, have won the latest Wharton Business Plan Competition. They won the $20,000 grand prize for PAWS Pet Health Insurance. It is accident/illness pet health insurance for pet owners in the U.S.

Nassau Grants

Richard Alonso, CGS'02, for Nutrient Translocation to Chesapeake Bay

Anthony Ambrosini, C'04, for Archaeology Straddling Time

Arielle Bernstein, C'03, for On The Acquisition of DP in English-Speaking Children With SLI

Mary Braun, C'03, for Land Value Taxation

Yevgeny Brudno, C'04, for Proposed Investigtion into the Sterochemistry of the 2+2 photocyacloaddition/retro-Mannich sequence of vinylogous amides

Christopher Crisman, C'03, for What Steel Remains A Visual Perspective of the Western Pennsylvanian Steel Industry

Julia Gottlieb, C'03, for Mythic Exoticism: An Analysis of Modern Scholarship on Hildegard von Bingen

Marisa Groveman, C'03, for The Population Histories of Three Jiri Region Ethnic Groups From Nepal Through mtDNA Analysis

A. Bennette Harrison, C'03, for The Zagros Aurignacian: More than Typology

Dora Kravitz, C'03, for Investigation of the Influence of Soil And Moisture Induced Corrosion on the Magnetic Properties of Buried Steel Toxic Waste Drums

Katarzyna Kubin, C'03, for Race Relations in France: A Colonial Legacy

Emily Mok, E'04, for Healthcare Privacy Policy: A Case Study on Breast Cancer Genetic Testing (BRCA land 2)

James Palardy, C'04, for The Effects of Depth and Morphology on Feeding Rates for Three Scleractinian Corals: An Experimental Approach

Andrew Pike, C'03, for A Hydrologic and Soil Analysis of Bosque Estatal de Susua, Puerto Rico

Sahand Rahi, C'05, for Protein Structure Predictions

Aaron Short, C'03, for University Community Relations: Boston University-Chelsea School Partnership

Ilana Weinbaum, C'03, for The Integration of Traditional and Western Healing for Native American Populations

Janai Williams, C'03, for Reshaping a Neighborhood: The Impact of Urban Renewal Policies on the Hill District

Aaron Yunis, W'02, for What is the Required t-statistic in the Capital Structure Literature?

College Alumni Society and Undergraduate Research Grants

Anthony Ambrosini, C'04, for Archaeology Straddling Time: Malloura, ca. 600 BCE and Athienou, ca 2000 CE

Rachel Bybee, C'04, for The Effect of Social Darwinism on French Imperialism in Morocco at the Dawn of the 20th Century

Lauren Cohen, C'04, for The Effects of Instant Messenger and Self-Discloure on Trust

Mei Elansary, C'04, for A Possible Solution to the Antibiotic Resistance Problem: Studying the Role of Integrases in Resistance Acquisition Through Optimization of Expression and Crystalization of the Different variants of Integrases

Meredith Gamer, C'04, for Political and Cultural Implications of Seventeenth-Century Maps and City Views of Paris, France

John Guinan, C'05, for The Incidence and Outcome of Medical Malpractice Cases Involving Hospital-Acquired Infections in Pennsylvania

Madhu Kumar, C'04, for Characterization of Chromosome Aberrations in Head and Neck Cancer by Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization

Melissa LaVigne, C'04, for Benjamin Franklin's Diplomatic Mission to Paris in 1777

Frank Lin, C'04, for Interaction between TACE and Signal Transduction Proteins

Hayley Lofink, C'04, for Obesity and Type II Diabetes in the Children of Hispanic Migrant Workers in Southern New Jersey

Paul Samuelson, C'04, for A Study of How Interactions Between Samuel Beckett and W. Bion Affected Their Work

Marc Tarlock, C'04, for The Battle Over the Teaching of Evolution and Creationism in the 1980s

Sarah Tobey, C'04, for Regulation and Function of the Hormone Ghrelin Involved in Body Weight Homeostasis

Elizabeth Todd, C'04, for An Investigation of Black/Jewish Relations in Chicago During the Interwar Period, in a Labor Context

Joannie Yeh, C'04, for In 3d: Examining the Correlation between Lewy Bodies, Senile Plaques and Neurofibrillary Tangles in Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease

Mateusz Zadrozny, C'04, for An Historical Anatomy of the Argentine Crisis: 1991-2001

Nicholas Zwang, C'04, for Individualist Anarchism in the United States

Association of Alumnae Scholars

Rosemary D. Mazzatenta Award

Carol Chyau, C/W'04, for The Sustainability of Microfinance Institutions: A Case Study on Edyficar

Ms. Reta: Richey Award

Runa Reta, C '03, has received the Betty Richey Award, becoming only the third player in the squash program's history to earn the award. The award is given to the women's squash player that best exemplifies the ideals of squash in her love of and devotion to the game. Ms. Reta is currently ranked second in the nation.

Mr. Chaput: 1st Place Penn Relays

Junior Brian Chaput threw his javelin to a first place finish at this year's Penn Relays breaking a 16-year drought for the Quakers. Mr. Chaput hurled the javelin 227 feet, not his personal best but good enough to take first place for the first time in this event since 1922.

Penn Team: Ninja Film Contest

A team of one dozen students and alumni of the Digital Media Design (DMD) program led by sophomore Joshua Gorin and 2001 DMD alumnus Neil Chatterjee have won the grand prize in a competition sponsored by videogame publisher Activision. The $15,000 prize was for a three-minute Ninja-theme film. The team beat 69 other entries that were judged by producer Terence Chang and director John Woo.

The DMD program is an undergraduate degree program that unites the department of computer and information science, GSFA, and the Annenberg School for Communication.

To view the prize winning film visit

  Almanac, Vol. 49, No. 32, May 6, 2003