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Alzheimer's Data for Researchers

The Alzheimer's Disease Center (ADC) at Penn has a mission that includes fostering collaborative research on dementing illnesses. Opportunities exist for qualified researchers to conduct studies utilizing the data and biological samples collected and stored by the ADC. Available data includes clinical as well as socio-demographic data on patients and their careers.

To learn more about collaborative research with Penn's ADC and requirements for protocol submission visit the Center's web site at or contact Jennifer Klocinski at or (215) 573-4634.


Beckman Rotor Inspections

Beckman Rotor inspections will occur in room 251 BRB II/III on June 11, and June 12, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Rotors labeled with the laboratory name, room number and telephone extension should be brought to room 251 BRB II/III as early as possible to allow adequate time for inspection. For more information consult the EHRS website ( or call Tom Boyle at (215) 573-2355.

--Environmental Health and Radiation Safety

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Cashing Checks at Citizens

While the Office of the Treasurer continues to promote use of direct deposit in lieu of checks to enhance safety and efficiency, we would like to clarify for the Penn community the services available for cashing Penn (payroll and accounts payable) checks, which are drawn on Mellon Bank. Following the sale in 2002 of Mellon's branch bank network to Citizens Bank, Mellon arranged for Citizens to assume certain customer services it previously provided. As a result, Citizens Bank cashes (with no fee) University of Pennsylvania checks up to $5,000 for Penn employees regardless of whether or not an employee has an account at Citizens Bank.

Mellon maintains a limited number of "private wealth" offices in the Delaware Valley. These offices serve as investment management/brokerage firms to Mellon's private wealth offices, and are not set up as bank branches. Therefore, if a Penn check is presented at a Mellon private wealth office by a Penn employee who is not a Mellon private wealth customer, these offices will charge a $5 processing fee.

Contact Lucy Momjian or Helen Kreider in the Office of the Treasurer (215) 898-9844 should you have any questions on this.

--Office of the Treasurer

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Calling All Fulbright Alums

Penn is hosting 30 inbound Fulbright Fellows from August 2-23 in a program of study designed to prepare them for the rigors of graduate life at U.S. universities. If you are interesting in participating in this program or in meeting any of the Fulbrighters, please contact Susan Caesar, (215) 573-7688 or, or call the English Language Programs at (215) 898-8681.

-- Thomas W. Adams,AssociateDirector, English Language Programs

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Patent Policy Online

The Patent and Tangible Research Property Policies and Procedures of the University of Pennsylvania, (Almanac March 15, 1994) is now available in the archive section of Almanac's web site at This document is also available in Acrobat PDF format.

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  Almanac, Vol. 49, No. 34, May 27, 2003