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Ben with KitePenn's Way 2004 Raffle Prizes: Week Two

The Week Two deadline for eligibility is Friday, October 17, winners will be drawn on October 31.

Prizes are donated by the business or organization at which they are valid, unless otherwise noted.

  • Winner #1--One book of 10 passes for the Class of 1923 Ice Rin
  • Winner #2--Two tickets to a performance of Caroline Drury on December 12 at the Annenberg Center
  • Winner #3--4 prizes of one-hour court time at Levy Tennis Pavilion
  • Winner #4--Family membership to the Morris Arboretum
  • Winner #5--Family membership for the University of Pennsylvania Museum
  • Winner #6--Certificate for two tickets to any performance during the 2003-2004 season at the Arden Theatre
  • Winner #7--Gift certificate for two for dinner at Penne
  • Winner #8--Certificate for $60 at the White Dog and $15 at the Black Cat

NOTE: The Penn's Way return envelopes should be addressed to Penn's Way 2004, c/o Payroll, 310 Franklin Building/6284.


Penn's Way Questions and Answers

This year, for the first time, you can contribute to Penn's Way online.

Below are some of the questions and answers listed on the Penn's Way website. For more questions and answers see

Q: What should I know before starting the Penn's Way Online application?

A: Know your PennKey and password combination. Note: This may differ from your e-mail login. If you need help with your PennKey visit the PennKey website at You may also ask your Local Service Provider (that's your IT person)- if you don't know who that is, LSP listings are at Make sure you have the correct browser version loaded on your machine. Supported browsers on a PC include Netscape 7.0 (or higher) and IE 6 (or higher). On a Mac, you must have Netscape 7.0 (or higher) or IE 5.0 (or higher).

Note: If you are not using one of these versions, you will not be able use the application and will receive a message directing you to download one of the supported browser versions.

You might want to have the organization codes you wish to contribute, but as long as you know a key word associated with the organization's name you can use the search function once you log in.

Q: Why is my phone number wrong?

A: The phone number listed in your Penn's Way Online contribution page is the phone number Payroll has on file for you. If it is incorrect, please alert your Business Administrator. Please also change it in the text box on the contribution page. The format to change your telephone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. If you enter your campus phone number using 5 digits (starting with 3, 8, 7 or 6), the application will transform the number into a Penn phone number.

Q: Why isn't the search box working?

A: You must enter only one single keyword to search. Entering multiple words in the search criteria will result in no search results being returned.

Q: How do I know what contribution code to enter?

A: You can find the 5 digit code in the print booklet, then just type the code and the dollar amount. You can also use the search function, just type a key word into the search box and click GO. To choose an organization from the search results, just click on its code number and it will fill in on your contribution page.

If you would like your donation to be apportioned among all of the charities, just type UNDES as the contribution code.

If you are contributing elsewhere and/or want to use the application just for entry in the raffle, do not enter any contribution codes or amounts; leave everything blank. Otherwise you will get an error message.

Note: If you enter duplicate contribution codes for an organization--with different (or same) amounts--the application will combine the amounts into a single contribution for that organization, and will display accordingly as one contribution on the confirmation/summary & contribution page. If you do not enter any amount associated with a contribution code, you will receive an error message, and will not be able to continue with the application.

Q: Why does my department's Penn's Way volunteer keep asking me to participate? I swear I already filled out the Penn's Way Online form.

A: You must select 'ACCEPT' on the summary page to record your participation. Failure to select the 'ACCEPT' button, regardless of the payment method chosen, will result in your participation not being recorded.

If your specific problem has not been addressed here and you have further questions or concerns regarding Penn's Way Online, please send your questions to or call (215) 746-GIVE (4483).



  Almanac, Vol. 50, No. 8, October14, 2003