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Since 1956 Penn has celebrated a rite of passage each year, for faculty and staff of all ranks who meet only one common requisite: they have been members of the University community for twenty-five years. Another 115 new members crossed the twenty-five year mark and were inducted at the University of Pennsylvania Twenty-five Year Club celebration that was held on October 2 in Houston Hall. This year there are five people who reached the 50-year mark. Each received a 50-year bowl. A celebration was also held at New Bolton Center on October 29, for the 25-Year Club members who work at that location.

Please mark your calendar for next year's 25-Year Club celebration which will be held on October 14, 2004.

Please contact Duncan Van Dusen at (215) 573-5958 or for more information.

50-Year Bowl Recipients:

Dr. D. Walter Cohen, Professor Emeritus of Periodontics and former dean of the School of Dental Medicine

Dr. Murray Gerstenhaber, Professor of Mathematics in the School of Arts and Sciences

Mr. George J. Merva, Clinical Education Coordinator in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine in the School of Medicine

Dr. Peter C. Nowell, Gaylord P. Harnwell Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine in the Scool of Medicine

Dr. Joseph L. Rabinowitz, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry in the School of Dental Medicine

New 25-Year Club Members for 2003

Ms. Margaret Addario, Chemical Engin-eering/SEAS

Ms. Cynthia M. Anderson, OPIM/Wharton

Mr. Nathaniel Banks, Environmental Service

Mr. Joseph Barclay, Operations and Maintenance

Mr. Daniel Clinton Barrett, Sleep Medicine/Med

Dr. Nancy W. Bauer, Organizational Dynamics/SAS

Mr. Alfred H. Bender, Environmental Service

Mr. Robert Mitchell Biunno, DRIA/Athletics

Ms. Susanne Bradford, External Affairs/SAS

Dr. Joseph G. Brand, Monell Chemical Senses Center/Med

Dr. Saul Bresalier, Ophthalmology/Med

Dr. Linda Phillips Brown, Family and Community Health/Nursing

Ms. Brenda Bundy, Student Financial Services

Ms. Suzanne E. Burke, Comptroller's Office

Ms. Christine M. Chapman, ULAR/Vet

Ms. Marla Chazin, Student Conduct

Mr. Greer Cheeseman, DRIA/Athletics

Dr. Bernard J. Clark, Pediatrics/CHOP

Ms. Joan N. Confalone, Comptroller/Transportation and Parking

Ms. Janet E. Conway, Business Administration Services/Social Science Computing

Dr. Theodore Croll, Dental Medicine

Ms. Diana D. Dadachanji, CAS/SAS

Mr. Barry R. Dahlen, Dental Medicine

Ms. Kathleen Daniels, Dental Medicine

Dr. Nicholas A. Dinubile, Orthopaedic Surgery/Med

Dr. Richard L. Doty, Otorhinolaryng-ology/Med

Ms. Debra Lynn Duffy, Dental Medicine

Dr. David E. Elder, Pathology/Vet

Dr. Beverly S. Emanuel, Pediatrics/CHOP

Dr. Cyril Evian, Dental Medicine

Dr. Ronald M. Fairman, Surgery/UPHS

Dr. Ronald Fayer, Pathobiology/Vet

Dr. Arthur M. Feldman, Dental Medicine

Dr. Cecile A. Feldman, Dental Medicine

Dr. Ruth S. Fischer, Psychiatry/Med

Mr. Stuart James Fleming, Museum

Dr. Douglas N. Frenkel, Law School

Mr. Ronald V. Funaro, Dean's Office/Vet

Dr. Jean Henri Gallier, Computer and Information Science/SEAS

Dr. Carol P. Hanley Germain, Emeritus/Nursing

Mr. Albert Giandomenico, Bioengineering/SEAS

Ms. Charletta V. Gillis, Dining Services

Dr. Rodolfo I. Godinez, Anesthesia/CHOP

Dr. Nicholas J. Gonedes, Accounting/Wharton

Mr. James K. Griffin, Environmental Service

Mr. Joseph B. Haines, NBC/Vet

Dr. David Harbater, Mathematics/SAS

Mr. Richard Harrison, Environmental Service

Dr. Stuart E. Hirsch, Ophthalmology/Med

Dr. John H. Holmes, Bioengineering/Med

Dr. Robert C. Hornik, Communication/Annenberg School

Dr. Howard C. Hughes, Clinical Studies/Vet

Mr. Frederick D. Hunter, Dining Services

Ms. Laurita V. Outlaw Jackson, Penn Police/Public Safety

Ms. Vivian J. Johnson, Dining Services

Dr. Waine C. Johnson, Dermatology/Med

Mr. Albert V. Jones, Environmental Service

Mr. James F. Judge, Operations and Maintenance

Dr. Michael B. Katz, History/SAS

Mr. Thomas P. Keon, Anesthesia/Emeritus

Dr. Ralph C. Lanciano, Ophthalmology/Med

Dr. Marc S. Levine, Radiology /UPHS

Dr. Arnold I. Levinson, Allergy & Immunology/Med

Ms. Joanne H. Levy, LDI/Wharton

Dr. Meryl P. Littman, Clinical Studies/Vet

Ms. Diane M. Lombardi, Student Financial Services

Mr. David J. Maitland, NBC/Vet

Mr. Charles J. Mathis, Environmental Service

Ms. Shirlene Maxwell, Dining Services

Dr. Andrew Thomas McLellan, Psychiatry/SAS

Ms. Margaret Anne Mcgee-Pasceri, Campus Services/Financial Services

Mr. Michael Merritt, Student Financial Services

Dr. Paul Messaris, Communication/Annenberg School

Ms. Beth A. Miller, Large Animal Hospital/Vet

Dr. Eduardo Minsk, Dental Medicine

Mr. David S. Nelson, Radiology/Med

Dr. Herbert J. Nevyas, Ophthalmology/Med

Dr. Joann Y. Nevyas, Ophthalmology/Med

Mr. Anthony Nichelson, Environmental Service

Dr. Sandra A. Norman, Bioengineering/Med

Dr. Jonathan E. Palmer, Clinical Studies/Vet

Mr. Frank C. Passero, Dental Medicine

Dr. William P. Pierskalla, LDI/Emeritus

Mr. Allen C. Richmond, Ophthalmology/Med

Dr. Joanne E. Saporito, Institute of Higher Education/GSE

Ms. Deborah A. Schafer, Obstetrics and Gynecology/Med

Ms. Norman J. Schatz, Neurology/Med

Dr. Mark S. Schreiner, Anesthesiology/CHOP

Dr. Richard M. Schultz, Biology/SAS

Dr. Stanley S. Schwartz, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism/Med

Mr. Richard R. Shearman, Operations and Maintenance

Mr. Charles E. Small, Computer Operations/ISC

Ms. Ann P. Smith, Nursing

Dr. Robert G. Smith, Neuroscience/Med

Dr. Stephen P. Steinberg, President's Office

Dr. Peter Steiner, Slavic Languages and Literature/SAS

Dr. Mark J. Stern, Social Work

Mr. Willis J. Stetson, Admissions

Dr. Richard A. Stone, Opthalmology/Med

Mr. Barry Stupine, Vet Deans/Vet

Dr. Corinne R. Sweeney, Clinical Studies/Vet

Ms. Marie B. Synnestvedt, Epidemiology and Biostatistics/Med

Dr. John E. Tomaszewski, Pathology/Med

Dr. Rosalind H. Troupin, Radiology/Med Emeritus

Dr. Bonnie Lynn Van Uitert, Dental Medicine

Ms. Judith A. Vaughan-Sterling, Biddle Law Library

Mr. Joseph W. Verdone, Operations and Maintenance

Dr. Victoria L. Vetter, Pediatrics/CHOP

Dr. Vaclav Vitek, Materials Science and Engineering/SEAS

Dr. Patti Lee Werther, Dental Medicine

Dr. Ralph F. Wetmore, Otorhino-laryngology/CHOP

Mr. Frances S. Whelan, Telecommunication Services

Dr. Robert H. Whitlock, Clinical Studies/Vet

Mr. William Witmer, Dermatology/Med

Ms. Marie D. Witt, Business Services



  Almanac, Vol. 50, No. 11, November 4, 2003