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Wrap Up Some 'Red and Blue' Books from Penn Press, University of Pennsylvania Museum and Penn Authors for a Perfect Present

Looking for something that that says Penn, but isn't a sweatshirt? There are many choices when it comes to new books from Penn authors--faculty, administrators, staff, alumni, even a trustee. The Penn Press (, as well as the UPM Press provide more variety too. For UPM Press books, go to Another unique gift idea is a CD from Penn's talented musical groups. The Penn Bookstore also offers books with a Philly connection.

Public Discourse Public Discourse in America, Conversation and Community in the Twenty-First Century; edited by President Judith Rodin, and Stephen P. Steinberg, executive director of the Penn National Commission on Society, Culture, and Community; a distinguished group of scholars and prominent figures in public life offer new perspectives; "Is civility declining in American public life? Are we arguing in a 'reasoned and reasonable' manner? An exaltation of scholars and public figures offer their views."--Carlin Romano, Philadelphia Inquirer; Penn Press, Cloth, $29.95,


Beyond Genetics Beyond Genetics: Putting the Power of DNA to Work in Your Life; Glenn McGee associate director for Education & Senior Fellow, Center for Bioethics & professor of Bioethics, Philosophy, and History & Sociology of Science; genetic science is about to radically alter our lives, $24.95.


Visions of a Huichol Shaman Visions of a Huichol Shaman; Peter T. Furst, the brilliant visionary yarn paintings of the shaman-artist José Benítez Sánchez emerge transformed into two-dimensional form from fleeting, sublime visionary experiences triggered by the complex chemistry of the divine peyote cactus; with 68 full-color illustrations. UPM, Cloth $29.95.


Upward Bound Upward Bound: Nine Original Accounts of How Business Leaders Reached Their Summits; Michael Useem professor of management and director of the Center for Leadership and Change Management at Wharton; mountaineering is no mere metaphor for management, it is management itself, $24.


Musically Speaking Musically Speaking: A Life Through Song; Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer; "Dr. Ruth shows us how and why music functions in her life, with lessons for all of us. A real gem of a book."--Wynton Marsalis; Penn Press, Cloth $19.95,


Ancient Wine Ancient Wine; Patrick E. McGovern, senior research scientist and adjunct associate professor of anthropology, Museum Applied Science Center for Archaeology, UPM, drawing upon recent archaeological discoveries, molecular and DNA sleuthing, and the texts and art of long-forgotten peoples, $29.95.


Metropolitan Bakery A branch of the Metropolitan Bakery is coming to campus. Hot off the press, The Metropolitan Bakery Cookbook: Artisan Breads, Pastries, and Desserts from Philadelphia's Premier Bakery;  James Barrett and Wendy Smith Born; they met some 20 years ago when he was pastry chef and she was managing partner at the White Dog Café, $29.95.


Eat My Words Eat My Words: Reading Women's Lives through the Cookbooks They Wrote; Janet Theophano, Gr '82, associate director of the CGS and adjunct member in the Graduate Program in Folklore & Folklife and Religious Studies, stories of cookbook writers from the 18th century to the present, $18.95.


City Tavern City Tavern Baking and Dessert Cookbook: 200 Years of Authentic American Recipes from Martha Washington's Chocolate Mousse Cake to Thomas Jefferson's Sweet Potato Biscuits; chef Walter Staib, proprietor of America's earliest gourmet restaurant; a sequel to the City Tavern Cookbook, focuses on colonial treats, $21.95.


Human Evolution Human Evolution Cookbook; Harold L. Dibble, professor of anthropology and deputy director for Curatorial Affairs at UPM. Dan Williamson, and Brad M. Evans, presents archaeology as never before through 37 recipes and 20 hilarious line art creations. UPM, $19.95.


The Philadelphia Flower Show The Philadelphia Flower Show: Celebrating 175 Years; Adam Levine, C '80, award-winning garden writer, $44.95.


Green Desire Green Desire, Imagining Early Modern English Gardens; Rebecca Bushnell, dean of the College, describes the innovative design of the old manuals, examining how writers and printers marketed them as fiction as well as practical advice for aspiring gardeners. Along with this attention to the delights of reading, it analyzes the strange dignity and pleasure of garden labor and the division of men's and women's roles in creating garden art, Cloth $29.95.


Brown Skin Brown Skin: Dr. Susan Taylor's Prescription for Flawless Skin, Hair and Nails; Dr. Susan C. Taylor, C '79, At-Large Alumni Trustee, and a Harvard-trained dermatologist  and  internationally recognized expert in dermatology and ethnic skin disease, $24.95.


Building the Nation Building the Nation Americans Write About Their Architecture, Their Cities, and Their Landscape; edited by Steven Conn, Gr '94 and Max Page, Gr '95, "informed by a mastery of a particular field and a passion for sharing the heterogeneous richness of their documents. . . Vastly useful." --Preservation. Penn Press, Paper $24.95,


Benjamin Franklin

A wonderful companion to Water Isaacson's best selling Benjamin Franklin, An American Life $30. is  A Benjamin Franklin Reader $21.95 includes The Autobiography, Poor Richards Almanac and many delightful letters and essays.



Hoop Roots

Hoop Roots; John Edgar Wideman, C '63, a Rhodes and Thouron scholar and is the only person to have won the PEN/Faulkner Award twice; a multi-layered memoir of basketball, family, home, love, and race; "you can't fail to be moved by its eloquence," said former U.S. senator Bill Bradley. Paper, $13.


Mall Maker

Mall Maker: Victor Gruen, Architect of an American Dream; M. Jeffrey Hardwick, biography of the architect who altered the fabric of more than 200 American cities and suburbs between 1938 and 1968. Penn Press, Cloth $29.95,



In the Kingdom

In the Kingdom of Coal;  Dan Rottenberg, C '64, through the eyes of two families, one the magnates, one the miners, $29.95.


Carrie Pilby

Carrie Pilby; Caren Lissner, C '93, had written an award-winning bi-weekly humor color in the DP; the heroine is utterly charming and unique, she goes about these things in her own quirky and hilarious way, filled with wry humor and insight. Paper $25.90.



Liberty on the Waterfront

Liberty on the Waterfront:  American Maritime Culture in the Age of Revolution; Paul A. Gilje, sailors were a rough bunch, tending to drink, carouse, and spend all their money on their brief stays ashore, a look at this stereotype and how sailors lived the ideal of "liberty." Penn Press, Cloth $29.95,



Guide to the North American ...

Guide to the North American Ethnographic Collections at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology; Lucy Fowler Williams, some 40,000 objects represent native peoples from ten culture areas, with 120 color figures. UPM, Cloth $29.95, Paper $14.95.



ExposÚs and Excess

Exposés and Excess: Muckraking in America, 1900/2000; Cecelia Tichi, the compelling narratives of the muckrakers--Upton Sinclair, Ida Tarbell, Lincoln Steffens, and Ray Stannard Baker among them--became best-sellers and prize-winners 100 years ago. Today, they have found worthy successors in writers such as Barbara Ehrenreich, Eric Schlosser, and Naomi Klein. Penn Press, Cloth $29.95,



Understanding Early Classic Copan ...

Understanding Early Classic Copan; Ellen E. Bell, Maracaello A. Canuto and Robert J. Sharer; focuses on the Maya city of Copřn, combines and synthesizes many different research methods and disciplines, interpreting data that contradict, enhance, and supplement previous work with 24 full-color illustrations; UPM, Cloth $59.95.




Monsters: Evil Beings, Mythical Beasts, and All Manner of Imaginary Terrors; David D. Gilmore, a field guide to the world's scary creatures, along with an intriguing explanation why monsters won't go away, the role of monsters in the human psyche and in society, looking at folktales, fantasy, literature, and art. Penn Press, $ press/book/13834.html.




Penn Groups' CDs

Penny Loafers

The coed a cappella's latest studio recording, $12 plus shipping; to order, e-mail



Penn Band

The Band's latest CD, The Band That Rocks the Cradle, $15, at the Penn Bookstore or at



Their debut album, $12, to purchase, e-mail



Jazz and pop arrangements from award-winning a cappella group, $13, to order online,


Glee Club

Echoes and Traditions, by the University ofPennsylvania Glee Club (2000) $14.To purchase this and other Glee Club CDs, send an e-mail to or call (215) 898-GLEE (4533).


Full Measure

Not for Nothing, by Full Measure, Penn's Christian a cappella group, $12, available from



  Almanac, Vol. 50, No. 15, December 9, 2003