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Networking & Telecommunications Services & Rates for FY 2005

A number of ISC Networking & Telecommunications (N&T) service and rate changes will go into effect on July 1, 2004. Most of these changes result from recommendations made by the Network Planning Task Force, a cross-campus team made up of technology and business staff as well as leaders from the faculty, student body, and administration which discusses and resolves issues surrounding the planning and funding of PennNet. This year's Task Force recommendations are summarized in the December 15, 2003 presentation.

All FY '05 ISC Networking and Telecommunications rates are available online at:

Highlights of FY 2005 Changes

Data rates--The Central Service Fee (CSF) will increase from $10.12/month to $10.43/month. The Port Rental and Connection Maintenance Fee for 10Base-T connections will decrease from $6.06/month to $6.03/month. 100Base-T rates will remain the same.

POBOX e-mail--Rates will increase by $5/account to cover the virus scanning feature first implemented in FY '04. The new SPAM filtering feature will continue to be provided without cost to our customers.

Centralized wireless authentication--Wireless authentication and support fees as well as public wireless IP addresses will be subsidized thru funding from the Central Service Fee in FY '05.

Security--New security tools, provider and end user security training services, and end user support will be provided in FY '05--all to be covered by the Central Service Fee.

Voice rates--All voice rates will remain unchanged for FY '05.

Video rates--Penn Video Network outlet rates will increase from $12.50/month to $13/month. All other video service rates will remain unchanged for FY '05.

Videoconferencing Services and Facilities--This new service provides a fully-interactive, "virtual meeting" between groups located at geographically-separated points. Also available is a state-of-the-art conference room designed to support a wide range of multimedia and communications needs. Call (215) 898-9142 or (215) 573-4006 for more information.


Rates for Existing and Selected New Services

Data Rates

FY 2004

FY 2005

Central Service Fee per IP Address



Port Rental and Connection Maintenance Fee




100Base-T (Includes bandwidth surcharge)




Wireless Local Area Networks

Access Point Installation

$2,500 per  Access Point

$2,000* per Access Point

Monthly Fee

$30 per AP/month

$30 per AP/month

* Please note: The Access Point Installation Fee is an estimate for budgeting purposes. Installations with a larger number of APs tend to have a lower average unit cost. Departments will be billed actual costs. Monthly Fee does not include port rental/connection maintenance fee.


Domain Names

Regular Setup


Domain name charges to remain the same.

Expedited Setup Fee
(In addition to regular setup)


Annual Fee


Note: See  for details.


E-mail Services

E-mail Account--Basic Authentication Security



E-mail Account--Enhanced Authentication Security (Kerberos)



Listserve List

One-time $30 setup charge plus $20/six months per list

One-time$30 setup charge plus$20/six months per list

Note: Volume discounts are available on our e-mail servers for groups of over 500 users. Additional account disk storage can be purchased for $15/10 MB.


Voice Rates

Long Distance

Long-distance direct-dialed calls are charged at a flat per-minute rate. Domestic direct-dialed state-to-state long-distance calls will be billed at $.10/minute. For specific flat per-minute rates for direct-dialed International calls to individual countries, please see .

Note: Rates are subject to change. This flat rate does not apply to ISDN or Operator-assisted calls of any type.

Allocated Costs

Allocated charges cover the cost of providing a unified telecommunications system (voice infrastructure, operator services, etc.) for the University. This cost is shared by all those who use the system, and is evenly allocated as 30% of total monthly equipment (telephone lines, sets, and voice messaging) costs to each department or center.


Video Rates

FY 2004

FY 2005

Active PVN Outlet



The Penn Video Productions group offers a full range of production, distribution, streaming, and videoconferencing services. For a complete description of rates and available services, see

If you have any questions or need assistance determining which services you require, please call ISC Networking and Telecommunications at (215) 898-2883.



  Almanac, Vol. 50, No. 18, January 20, 2004