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Unless otherwise noted all events are open to the general public as well as to members of the University. For building locations, call (215) 898-5000 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. or see Listing of a phone number normally means tickets, reservations or registration required.

Ram in the Thicket

The Return of the Treasures from the Royal Tombs of Ur

Opening March 13, UPM's celebrated, nationally-traveling exhibition returns for a limited engagement. More than 200 ancient Sumerian treasures from the site of Ur in Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq) will be on display through September. Included in the 4,500 year-old Sumerian collection are the Great Lyre with a gold and lapis lazuli bull's head, Lady Puabi's lapis lazuli and carnelian jewelry, an electrum drinking tumbler, a gold ostrich egg, and other treasures. Following a large scale gallery renovation plans and building upgrades, the full exhibition of Ur materials will be re-installed in UPM's Mesopotamian galleries after 2006. At right Ram in the Thicket made of gold silver, lapis lazuli, copper, shell, red limestone and bitumen, ca. 2650-2550 B.C. UPM will have a opening day celebration full of activities on March 13. See Exhibits and Special Events.




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5    Spring Break Begins at Close of Classes.

15  Classes Resume at 8 a.m.

22  Advance Registration for Fall and Summer Sessions. Through April 4.


2    Penn and Me Story Hour; 2 p.m.; Penn Bookstore. Also every Tuesday.

20  Secrets and Science; join an archaeological expedition to the Egyptian mummy room, discover tombs and mummies while learning about Egyptian art and science; decorate and gild mummy masks in a craft workshop; ages 8-12; 10 a.m.-noon; UPM; $10; registration: (215) 898-4016 (UPM).


4    Euterpe in Furs: Russian Musical Culture of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries; discussion of Russian music in its relations to literature, theater, visual arts, anthropology, social history, philosophy and other relevant areas; for time and location visit (Slavic Languages). Through March 5.

15  Brain Research: From Molecules to Mind; keynote speaker Stanley Prusiner, Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases; 8 a.m.-5:15 p.m.; Auditorium, BRB II/III; info.: (215) 898-8498 (The Mahoney Institute of Neurological Sciences).

26  22nd Annual Maya Weekend: Ancient Masks and Modern Eyes-New Views on Maya Traditions; discoveries from current excavations and new research on Mayan cultural traditions; a special exhibition of Maya textiles and paintings; 6:30 p.m.; Rainey Auditorium, UPM: $155, $130/members and seniors, $65/full-time students (UPM). Through March 28.

28  Can Animals Help Humans Heal?: Animal-Assisted Interventions in Adolescent Mental Health; presentations by practitioners and scholars in the treatment of adolescents with a variety of mental health diagnoses; 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m.; Jon M. Huntsman Hall; for prices and registration visit (Center for the Interaction of Animals and Society).

31  The Eunice and Irving Leopold Annual Scientific Symposium and Retreat; 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.; Lobby and Auditorium, BRB II/III; register by March 19: (Abramson Cancer Center).



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Admission Donations and Hours

Arthur Ross Gallery, Fisher Fine Arts Library: free; Tues.-Fri., 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sat.-Sun., noon-5 p.m.

Amistad Gallery, Du Bois College House; free, noon-9 p.m.

Burrison Gallery, Faculty Club, Inn at Penn: free; Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

Charles Addams Fine Arts Gallery: free; Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Esther Klein Gallery, 3600 Market St.: free; Mon.-Sat., 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Fox Gallery, Logan Hall: free; Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

GSE Student Lounge: free; Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA): $3, $2/artists, seniors, and students over 12, free/members, children 12 and under, w/PennCard and on Sun. 11 a.m.-1 p.m.; Wed.-Fri., noon-8 p.m.; Sat.-Sun., 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

International House: open 24 hours daily.

Kroiz Gallery, Fisher Fine Arts Library: free; Mon.-Fri., 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sat.-Sun., appointment only.

Meyerson Gallery, Meyerson Hall: free; Mon.-Fri.,9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Morris Arboretum: $8, $6/seniors & students, $3/children 3-12, free w/ PennCard, children under 3; Mon.-Sun., 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Slought Foundation, 4017 Walnut St.: free; Wed.-Sat., 11 a.m.-6 p.m.

University Museum (UPM): $8, $5/seniors, children 6-17, full-time students w/ID, free/members, w/PennCard, children under 6; Tues.-Sat., 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m.; Sun. 1-5 p.m., free.

Van Pelt-Dietrich Library. For hours see


13  Treasures from the Royal Tombs of Ur; more than 200 ancient Sumerian artifacts from the site of Ur in Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq); Dietrich Gallery, UPM; also an opening celebration from noon-4:30 p.m. Through September. See Special Events. December AT PENN Extras!

14  Art-in-Science XVIII: The Earth Exposed; remote satellite images of Earth by professor Stephen Young with computer-based educational programming; Esther Klein Gallery; reception: March 14, 2 p.m.; gallery talk: March 17, 3:30 p.m. December AT PENN Extras!

15  Works in Encaustic on Wood; work by Neil Garrioch; Burrison Gallery; reception: March 20, 5:30 p.m. Through April 30. December AT PENN Extras!

22  Undergraduate Senior Thesis Show; work by students in the fine arts department; Charles Addams Gallery. Through April 15.

28  A Show of Roses: Watercolors for the Morris Arboretum; paintings by Marcy Abhau; Morris Arboretum. Through June 27. December AT PENN Extras!

29  All GFSA Show; Meyerson Gallery. Through April 11.


A Look at Nature: Flowers & Landscapes; watercolors by Deena Gu that feature the classic Chinese brushstroke with influence by Western art; Burrison Gallery. Through March 13. December AT PENN Extras!

Al-Bustan Photo Exhibit; photographs of youth from Al-Bustan, a children's Arabic language and cultural day camp; International House. Through March 14.

Modern Ireland: Four Centuries through English, American, and Irish Eyes; Rosenwald Gallery, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library. Through March 15. See Talks. December AT PENN Extras!

Leaf and Flower: Photographs by Nora Odendahl; Lower Gallery, Widener Visitor Center, Morris Arboretum. Through March 21. December AT PENN Extras!

Dusk of Dawn; digital photography by Demetrius Oliver; Amistad Gallery, Du Bois College House. Through March 31. December AT PENN Extras!

Me Alter's Egoes; artist William Anastasi's works span more than 2000 handwritten sheets of paper on the walls of Slought Foundation. Through March 31. December AT PENN Extras!

Antique Rugs of the Turkman Tribes; "main carpets" from 1800-1875 reserved for ceremonial occasions along with storage bags and trappings; Arthur Ross Gallery. Through April 4. December AT PENN Extras!

Yoshimoto Nara: Nothing Ever Happens; paintings and sculptures of young children and childhood; ICA. Through April 4. December AT PENN Extras!

Sarah McEneaney; autobiographical paintings that engage a combination of intimacy, directness and imagination; ICA. Through April 4. December AT PENN Extras!

Aleksandra Mir: Naming Tokyo (Part III); ramp project uses maps, street signs and other mediums to come up with an alternate, more user friendly identity for Tokyo, Japan; ICA. Through April 4. See Talks. December AT PENN Extras!

Smartwrap; concept for a new building material that integrates the functions of a conventional wall and compresses them into one composite film; ICA. Through April 4. December AT PENN Extras!

New Society for Universal Harmony featuring Leonard Malen; installation features factual formats, pseudo-documentary photos, video and audio narratives, testimonials, and case histories; Slought Foundation. Through April 15. December AT PENN Extras!

Garden Life: A Juried Photo Exhibition; Upper Gallery, Widener Visitor Center, Morris Arboretum. Through April 30.

Only Controversial and Not Detrimental: The Legacy of Modern Design in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia; drawings, photographs and models representing modern houses from the late 1940s through 1980s; Kroiz Gallery. Through May 31. December AT PENN Extras!

The Beaux-Arts at Penn; selected works of architect Paul Philippe Cret and his students; Kroiz Gallery. Through May 31. December AT PENN Extras!

Mythic Visions: Yarn Paintings of a Huichol Shaman; José Beníez Sánchez; UPM. Through August. December AT PENN Extras!

A Wonderful Life: A Daughter's Tribute to a Family of Educators; Joan Myerson Shrager's digital art celebrates women who dedicated their lives to teaching; Student Lounge, GSE. Ongoing. December AT PENN Extras!

Ongoing at UPM

Worlds Intertwined: Etruscans, Greeks and Romans; Canaan & Ancient Israel; Native American Southwest; Ancient Mesopotamia: Royal Tombs of Ur; Mesoamerica; The Egyptian Mummy: Secrets & Science; Alaska's Native People; Buddhism: History & Diversity of a Great Tradition; Africa: The Cradle of Humankind; Polynesia: 'ahu'ula + lei niho palaoa; Chinese Rotunda.

UPM Tours
Meet at Trescher main entrance; 1:30 p.m.; free with Museum admission donation; info.:

6    The Spread of Buddhism.

7    The Diversity of Alaska's Native People.

13  Mesopotamia: The Royal Tombs of Ur.

14  Egypt of the Pharaohs.

20  Mesoamerica: Status & Survival.

21  Archaeology: Learning from the Past.

27  Etruscan/Roman: Daily Life.

28  Africa: Traditions & Influence.

ICA Programs/Tours

3    Architecture Tour, Conversation and Book Signing; tour Levine Hall followed by conversation on the development of the exhibit Smartwrap and the signing of Stephen Kieran and James Timberlakes' Refabricating Architecture; 5 p.m.; lobby, Levine Hall.

20  Teen Video Festival; includes open panel discussion with special guest video artist and ICA curator Bennett Simpson and Tanya Leighton.

24  Annual ICA Benefit; celebrate the ICA's 40th anniversary with a special lecture and food and dancing; 6 p.m.; ICA; info./tickets: (215) 898-7108. December AT PENN Extras!



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26 Un Modèle Pour Matisse: Histoire de la Chapelle du Rosaire à Vence; 6 p.m.; rm. G55, John M. Huntsman Hall; registration: (215) 573-3550 (French Institute; Alliance Fran­aise).

Cinema Studies
Screenings 5 p.m.; The Bridge Cinema de Lux. Free admission.

3    Modern Times.

17  Taxi Driver.

25  Technolust; followed by discussion with Patricia White, Swarthmore College; Timothy Murray, Cornell University; Timothy Corrigan, cinema studies.

Film Culture Program, Gregory College House
Screenings 8:30 p.m.; Film Lounge, Van Pelt Manor. Free w/ PennCard.

2    Kiss Me Deadly.

5    Silence of the Lambs.

16  Blade Runner.

19  On the Waterfront.

22  Fight Club.

23  Se7en.

30  Dark City.

Hill Film Society
Screenings 8 p.m.; Hill Gallery, Hill College House. Free w/ PennCard.

4    Shine.

18  The Hanging Garden.

25  Life is Beautiful.

International House
Screenings with English subtitles. Tickets: $6, $5/members, students, seniors. Info.: (215) 387-5125 or

4    Reel Voices' African Film Series-Lumumba; French and Lingala; 7:30 p.m.; preceded by Rencontrer: Siddiq.

5    The Manchurian Candidate; 7 p.m.; preceded by Primary.

6    Wild in the Streets; 8 p.m.; preceded by Yippie! and RFK '68.

7    Ulzana's Raid; 1 p.m.; preceded by Interviews with My Lai Veterans.

10  Life on the Tracks; Filipino; 8 p.m.; preceded by Poison (Sanpeet).

11  When the War is Over; English and Afrikaans; 8 p.m.; preceded by Gacca, Living Together Again in Rwanda?

12  Hijos/Figli; Spanish and Italian; 8 p.m.

13  War Takes; English and Spanish; 8 p.m.

14  Power Trip; English and Georgian; 7 p.m.

17  Selections from the National Film Board of Canada-Begone Dull Care; Lonely Boy; Very Nice, Very Nice; Wrestling (La Lutte); Blinkity Blank; The Street; How to Build an Igloo; Pas de Deux; 8 p.m.

18  Walkabout; 8 p.m.

20  Bed Sitting Room; 8 p.m.

Russian Film Series
Screenings 7 p.m.; rm. 402, Logan Hall; Russian and other European languages with English subtitles. Free.

3  Stalker.

17  Decalogue; both parts.

24  Taxi Blues.

31  Burnt by the Sun.



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Jazzercise; 5:30-6:30 p.m. Tuesdays & Thursdays, Newman Center; first class free; $7/class, $5/students; Carolyn Hamilton: (215) 662-3293 (days) or (610) 446-1983 (evenings).

Class of 1923 Ice Rink; 3130 Walnut St.; Admission $6.50, $5.50/PennCard; skate rental $2.50; Public skating hrs. (*$1 off admission): Mon. 1:15-3:15 p.m.*; Tues. noon-2 p.m.*; Wed. 1:15-3:15 p.m.*; Thurs. noon-2 p.m.*; Fri. 1:15-3:15 p.m; Sat. 12:30-2:30 p.m., 8-10 p.m.; Sun. 12:30-2:30 p.m.

3  Penn Knitters; noon; The ARCH. Also March 17 & 31.

18  Rape Aggression Defense; 2 or 3 sessions of hands-on physical defense for women; 6-9 p.m.; class continues every Thursday through April 8; 4040 Chestnut St.; free/students, faculty & staff; register:; other session: March 21 & 28, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. (University Police).

30  Cinq à Sept; a wine and cheese for the local French-American community; 5 p.m.; ste. One East, 3624 Market St. (French Institute).

31  Screenwriting Structure Workshop; with alumnus David Stern; 10 a.m.-1 p.m.; Kelly Writers House; rsvp:

Christian Association

2    Discovering God as Eros-Biblical Stories of Eros; bible study; noon. Also March 23, When Eros Gets Perverted; March 30, Eros: The Passion for Connection.

SLANGuage; international students and their spouses emphasize on written and spoken American English; 3 p.m. Also March 16, 23 & 30.

4    Sister Circle: Madonna Mamas; an oasis for the soul for thinking women of faith; noon. Also March 18 & 25, The Stories that Liberate Women.

Office of Community Housing
Seminars from noon-1 p.m. and 1-2 p.m. Register:

3    Community Housing; 4046 Walnut St.

4    Credit Counseling and Repair; 3401 Walnut St., Bldg. A, ste. 440.

10  Homeowner's Insurance; 3401 Walnut St., Bldg. A, ste. 440.

11  Home Inspection; 3401 Walnut St., Bldg. A, ste. 440.

17  Hiring a Contractor: How to Modify Your Home for Special Needs; 3401 Walnut St., Bldg. A, ste. 440.

18  Budgeting and Planning; 4046 Walnut St.

25  Tax Implications of Buying a Home; 4046 Walnut St.

ELP Online Courses
Courses through week of April 23; $600 per course. Register at or (215) 898-8681 by March 3.

8    Writing for Professional Purposes; Writing that Works; Grammar for Writers; The TOEFL Essay; The University Application Essay; Writing the GMAT/GRE Analytical Essay.

ELP Evening Courses
Courses through week of April 19; $290 per course unless otherwise noted with $15 registration fee. All courses meet in Bennett Hall from 6-8:30 p.m. or 6-8:55 p.m.

8    Written Communication Practice.

TOEFL/TWE Preparation; $580.

9    Conversation Practice.

Conversational Interactions.

Pronunciation Improvement.

10  Language of Meetings.

11  Vocabulary Expansion.

Listening and Speaking w/ Confidence.

Pronunciation Basics.

Learning and Education Programs
3624 Market St., Suite 1 B South. Open to faculty and staff. Register: (215) 898-3400 or visit

5    Customer Service at Penn; 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.; $50.

11  Career Focus Brown Bag-Typefocus Orientation; self-assessment program which uses personality "type" as it relates to self-awareness and career success; noon-1 p.m.

16  Words at Work-The Latest in Business Writing; 3 half-day sessions; 9 a.m.-noon; $50. Continues March 19 and 24.

17  Brown Bag Matinee-What Do You Say?; video demonstration of 30 awkward, intimidating, sometimes overwhelming customer situations and how to resolve them; noon-1 p.m.

26  Career Focus Brown Bag- Salary Negotiation; noon-1 p.m.

Morris Arboretum
Info./register: (215) 247-5777 x125.

6    Spring Rose Care Demystified; outdoors, hands-on instruction and technique for proper pruning, planting, and transplanting of roses; 10 a.m.-noon; $24, $22/members; rain date March 13.

Trees and Shrubs for the Home Landscape; 1-3 p.m.; $24, $22/members. Continues March 13.

7    Plant Propagation for Kids; learn techniques to start a plant collection; 1:30-3 p.m.; $10, $8/members.

8    Selecting and Planting Quality Nursery Trees; tree fertilization, staking and guying, the use of tree wraps, root systems and branching structure; 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; $85.

9    Lawn Care for the Homeowner; find out when and how to plant seeds, as well as how to time lawn care actions; 7-9 p.m.; $24, $22/members.

10  Gardening for Birds and Butterflies; 6:30-8:30 p.m.; $24, $22/members.

13  Beekeeping for Everyone; have a better garden, more prolific flowers, larger fruits and honey by installing a beehive in your backyard; 10 a.m.-noon; $24, $22/members.

16  Pruning Shrubs: Broad-Leaved and Needle-Leaved; 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; $85 all day, $45 morning only (9 a.m.-noon).

Pruning for the Homeowner; 7-9 p.m.; $50, $45/members. Continues March 20, 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m.; rain date March 19.

17  Professional Floral Design I; learn about the care and handling of fresh flowers, centerpiece and high-style design, vase arranging; 6:45-8:45 p.m.; $190, $170/members. Continues March 24, 31 and April 7.

Planting Design for the Home Landscape; covers aesthetic and practical considerations associated with selecting trees, shrubs and groundcovers; 7:30-9:30 p.m.; $120, $110/members. Continues March 24, 31 and April 7 (10 a.m.-noon).

22  Tree Protection During Construction; 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; $85.

27  Managing Rainwater on your Property; learn to integrate "wet gardens", swales, pavers, permeable pavements, collections systems for watering, and green roofs; 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m.; $24, $22/members.

Landscape Design Intensive; how to draw base maps and analyze your property; 10 a.m.-3:30 p.m.; $60, $54/members.

Tree ID Using Keys; learn the botanical language used in keys to describe plants; 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m.; $65, $60/members. Continues April 3.

30  Tree Cabling & Bracing; 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; recognize weak spots in trees, and how to correct these problems by the use of flexible steel cables and inflexible steel rods; 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; $85.

The Well-Mannered Perennial Garden; 7:30-9 p.m.; $18, $16/members.

PennFit: Department of Recreation
Free to Penn students, faculty & staff. Info./register:

2  Body Composition Measurements; 9-10 a.m.; rm. G-16; pre-registration required. Also March 15, noon & March 31, 3-4.

16  Massage Demo and Question/Answer Session; 7:15-8 p.m.; rm. G-115.

18  Rolfing Demonstration and Talk; noon-1 p.m.; rm. 113.

Basketball Bonanza; 10 p.m.; Avnet Courts.

23  Peak Performance: Academics and Life; 6-7 p.m.; rm. 113.

Quality of Worklife
Open to faculty and staff. Register:

11  Managing Stress for a Less Hectic Life; 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

18  Supermarket Smarts; noon-1 p.m.

25  Navigating Complex Legal Issues for Elders in Your Life; 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

Technology and Training Services
Classes at ISC labs, 3650 Chestnut St., 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Courses open to faculty, staff & students. Register at

2    FilemakerPro Intro.; $190.

3    Word 2000 Intro.; $190.

4    Excel XP Intermediate; $190.

8    Excel 2000 Intro.; $190.

9    HTML Advanced Authoring; $247.

10  Introduction to Fireworks; $570. Through March 11.

12  Word 2000 Intermediate; $190.

15  Word XP Intro.; $190.

16  PowerPoint 2000 Intro.; $190.

17  Dreamweaver MX Intro.; $570. Through March 18.

19  PowerPoint XP Intro.; $190.

22  Access XP/2000 Intro.; $357. Through March 23.

24  Acrobat 5.0 Intro.; $190.

25  Flash MX Intro.; $570. Through March 26.

29  Word XP Intermediate; $190.

30  Adobe Acrobat 5.0 Advanced; $190.

31  Excel XP Intermediate; $190.



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18  Trustees Stated Meeting; time and place TBA.

24  University Council; 4-6 p.m.; Bodek Lounge, Houston Hall.


* CANCELLED * 3    Baluchi Epic Performers from Pakistan; 7 p.m.; Rooftop Lounge, Hamilton House (South Asia Center).

16  Sacred Music for Piano; examines the relation between sound and meaning within a religious and spiritual framework; 8 p.m.; Amado Recital Hall, Irvine Auditorium (Penn Humanities Forum).

18  A Concert of North Indian Classical Music; sitar duet with performance on the tabla; 7 p.m.; Rooftop Lounge, Harrison House (South Asia Center).

Music Department
Info.: (215) 898-6244. Admission: $5, free w/ PennCard.

16  Penn Baroque and Recorder Ensembles, Penn Madrigals; solo cantatas by Handel and Scarlatti; 8 p.m.; Bodek Lounge, Houston Hall.

21  Philadelphia Viola Society; new music by composers in the graduate program in music; 8 p.m.; Amado Recital Hall, Irvine Auditorium.

23  Music 10 Recital; solo performances by Penn music students; 8 p.m.; Amado Recital Hall, Irvine Auditorium.

26  Tempesta di Mare; two short concerts by the Philadelphia-based Baroque ensemble; 7:30 p.m.; Rosenwald Gallery, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library. Also March 27.

Penn Presents
Info./tickets: (215) 898-3900.

23  Baaba Maal; Senegalese singer, guitarist and scholar sings in Pulaar, the language of the Fula ethnic group; 7:30 p.m.; Zellerbach Theatre, Annenberg Center; tickets: $41, $35, 29, $24; pre-show dinner and talk, 5:30 p.m., $10; rsvp for pre-show by March 17. December AT PENN Extras!



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19  All's Hell That Ends Well; Mask & Wig Clubhouse, 310 S. Quince St.; theatre shows 8 p.m., $25: March 20 & 25; dinner show 6:30 p.m., $55: March 26; info.: (215) 923-4229 or (Mask & Wig Club).

25  Reckless; a dark comedy; 8 p.m.; Harold Prince Theatre, Annenberg Center; also March 26, 8 p.m. and March 27, 2 p.m. & 8 p.m.; $10, $7 w/ PennCard; info.: (Penn Players).

Penn Presents

4   Ravel Project; performed by the Pascal Rioult Dance Theatre, a company of dancers with daring physical and emotional interpretations of familiar scores; 7:30 p.m.; also March 5, 8 p.m. and March 6, 2 p.m. & 8 p.m.; Zellerbach Theatre, Annenberg Center; tickets: evening $39, $35, $31; matinee $36, $32, $28; school matinee March 5, 10:30 a.m., $7. December AT PENN Extras!

17  Othello; Shakespeare play performed by Tony-winning Guthrie Theatre; 7:30 p.m.; Zellerbach Theatre, Annenberg Center; also March 19 & March 20, 8 p.m. and March 21, 3 p.m.; tickets: evening $42, $36, $28; matinee $39, $32, $26; pre-show dinner and talk, 6 p.m., $10; rsvp for pre-show by March 15; see web site for additional talks; school matinee March 18 & March 19, 10:30 a.m., $7. December AT PENN Extras!

25  Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal; program entitled Light-Time-Open Space is a jazz and contemporary work; 7:30 p.m.; Zellerbach Theatre, Annenberg Center; also March 26, 8 p.m.; March 27, 2 p.m. & 8 p.m.; tickets: evening $39, $35, $31; matinee $36, $32, $28; school matinee March 26, 10:30 a.m., $7.

Les Ballets Jazz de Monˇal

Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal returns to the Dance Celebration Series, March 25-27 at the Annenberg Center. The program titled Light-Time-Open Space includes No Strings Attached, set to Albert Sterling Menendez's jazzy score that comments on today's non-committal relationships with its high kicking, hip wiggling partnering. Scheduled to round-out the program is Blue Until June, a solo Sooo and clin d' oeil, an athletic performance of breakdancing and acrobatics.



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6    J. Hoberman-The Dream Life: Movies, Media and the Mythology of the Sixties; 7 p.m.; International House.

Kelly Writers House

1    Live at the Writers House; word and music radio show on 88.5 WXPN; 8 p.m. Also March 4, 9 p.m.

2    Reading by Michael Fried; 7 p.m. (Creative Writing).

3    Ecopoetics Panel; featuring Jonathan Skinner, Tina Darragh and Marcella Durand; 6 p.m.

4    Reading by Poets Ted Pearson and Chris Edgar; 6 p.m.

16  Transparency Machine with David Antin; poet and performance artist; 5 p.m. (Creative Writing; Temple University).

18  The Kerry Prize Talk; featuring poet Brendan Lorber; 7 p.m.

20  Singer-songwriter Dan Fishback; 7 p.m.

22  Reading by Poet Lyn Hejinian; 6:30 p.m.; rsvp:; interview/conversation with poet March 23, 10 a.m. (KWH Fellows Program).

24  Speakeasy: Poetry, Prose and Anything Goes; 8 p.m.

25  Living Writers; an open reading in the Arts Café; 5 p.m. (English Undergraduate Advisory Board).

30  Reading by Poet Shirley Kaufman; 5 p.m. (Creative Writing; Middle East Center; Women's Studies).

31  A Lunchtime Conversation with Pulitzer Prize Winning Author David McCullough; 12:30 p.m.; rsvp:

Penn Bookstore

3    Wendy Straker-Sexy Jobs in the City: How to Find Your Dream Job Using the Rules of Dating; 12:30 p.m.

4    Eric Clemons-The Marine Corps Way; 1 p.m.

16  Erica Dhawan; will discuss her activities that led her to receive the Teen People 2004 Achievement Award; 4:30 p.m.

18  Yazmin Shiraz -The Blueprint for My Girls; 12:30 p.m.

19  Gerda Lerner-Fireweed: A Political Autobiography; noon.

29  George Anastasia-The Last Gangster: From Cop to Wiseguy to FBI Informant: Big Ron Previte and the Fall of the American Mob; 7 p.m.



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International House
Info./tickets: (215) 895-6543.

19  Mosaic Reception and Performances; music, dance, cuisine, and scenes from The Taming of the Shrew... in celebration of the people and traditions of the Commonwealth nations; 8 p.m.; $10, $7/members, students and seniors.

26Architecture and Community Reception; join HRH The Duke of Gloucester at this reception to see one of University City Districts most important buildings; 6 p.m.; Philadelphia Cathedral, 3723 Chestnut St; $35.

27  Young Friends Gala; cocktail party with opportunity to meet HRH The Duke of Gloucester and other dignitaries; ages 21-35; 8:30 p.m.; $60.


6    World Culture Day: Celebrate Japan!; hear beats of the Japanese taiko drums, view popular Japanese anime cartoons, taste traditionally prepared green tea, and more; 11 a.m.-4 p.m.; free with museum donation (Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia). December AT PENN Extras!

13  Opening Day: Ancient Near East Celebration; in celebration of the opening of the exhibit Treasures for the Royal Tombs of Ur; a lecture by Dr. John Curtis, British Museum, writing in cuneiform on fresh clay tablets, regional music, dance and children activities; noon-4:30 p.m.; free with museum donation. See Exhibits.

19  Single Malt Scotch Dinner; Michael Jackson, internationally renowned beer and scotch expert, hosts a reception and dinner featuring his selection of single malt scotches; ages 21 and up; 6:30 p.m.; $100, $90/members; reservations: (215) 898-4890.

20  14th Annual Beer Tasting with Michael Jackson-Beer or Food: Which Came First?; taste pairings of contemporary microbrews with foods that complement them; ages 21 and up; 1 p.m., 3:30 p.m. or 6 p.m.; $45, $40/members; tickets: Annenberg Center, (215) 898-3900.



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5  (W) Basketball vs. Dartmouth; 7 p.m.

6  (M) Lacrosse vs. Villanova; 3 p.m.

(W) Basketball vs. Harvard; 8 p.m.

Wrestling 100th EIWA Championship; all day. Also March 7.

9  (M) Basketball vs. Princeton; 7 p.m.

10  (M) Lacrosse vs. Lehigh; 3 p.m.

16  (W) Tennis vs. Temple; 3 p.m.

17  (W) Lacrosse vs. Temple; 7 p.m.

20  Baseball vs. Siena; noon & 3 p.m. Also March 21.

Gymnastics ECAC Championships; 1 p.m.

(W) Rowing vs. Georgetown; time TBA.

(M) Tennis vs. St. Bonaventure; 1 p.m

(M & W) Track Quaker Invitational; all day.

23 (M) Lacrosse vs. Bucknell; 7 p.m.

25  Softball vs. Lafayette; 3 p.m.

27  Baseball vs. Columbia; 11:30 a.m. & 2:30 p.m.

(M) Lacrosse vs. Harvard; 1 p.m.

(W) Rowing vs. Yale/Columbia; time TBA.

28  (W) Rowing vs. Navy; 9 a.m.

30  (M) Tennis vs. St. Joseph's; 2 p.m.

(W) Lacrosse vs. Johns Hopkins; 7 p.m.

31  Baseball vs. St. Joseph's; 3 p.m.



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1    Network Flow Methods in Information Theory; Sergio Servetto, Cornell University; 11 a.m.; rm. 337, Towne Bldg. (Telecommunications and Networking).

Applying Molecular Perspectives in Chemical Engineering; Phillip Westmoreland, University of Massachusetts; 3:30 p.m.; Wu and Chen Auditorium, Levine Hall (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering).

Constitutional Reform in China; Cao Siyuan, Beijing Siyuan Research Center for WTO; 4:30 p.m.; rm. 314, College Hall (East Asian Studies; Lauder Institute).

Slide Lecture; Homer Jackson, visual artist; 5 p.m.; rm. B-3, Meyerson Hall (Fine Arts).

2    Monotone Systems, Feedback, and Multistability in Molecular Biology; Eduardo Sontag, Rutgers University; 11 a.m.; Wu and Chen Auditorium, Levine Hall (Electrical and Systems Engineering).

Title TBA; Guillermo Garcia-Cardena, Harvard Medical School; noon; 2nd fl. Conference Room, Vagelos Research Labs; info.: (IME).

Merger and Purchase of Chinese Enterprises by Foreign Businesses; Cao Siyuan, Beijing Siyuan Research Center for WTO; 4:30 p.m.; rm. 105, Lauder-Fischer Hall (East Asian Studies; Lauder Institute).

3    Capital Markets and Corporate Environmental Performance„Evidence of a Link?; Dinah Kohler, Wharton; noon; Carolyn Hoff Lynch Auditorium, Chemistry Bldg. (IES).

The Role of Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses in Retroviral Pathogenesis; Tatyana Golovkina, Jackson Laboratory; noon; Auditorium, CRB (Microbiology).

The Three E's of Cancer Immunoediting: Elimination, Equilibrium, and Escape; Robert Schreiber, Washington University; 4 p.m.; Grossman Auditorium, Wistar Institute.

From Midnight to the Millenium and Beyond: Democracy and Identity in Today's India; Shashi Tharoor, United Nations; 4:30 p.m.; Hall of Flags, Houston Hall; rsvp: (215) 898-5387 (CASI).

Being Irish in the 19th Century; Martin Burke, Lehmann College; 5:30 p.m.; Rosenwald Gallery, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library. See Exhibits.

4    Structure-Composition-Property Relations of Fluoromolecular Fluids for 157 nm Immersion Lithography; Roger French, DuPont; 10:30 a.m.; Auditorium, LRSM (Material Science and Engineering).

The Politicians' Role(s) in Ameliorating Health Disparities; Estelle Richman, secretary of public welfare; 12:30 p.m.; Hall of Flags, Houston Hall (Graduate Program in Public Health; Health and Societies; National Center on Fathers and Families).

The University and the City; Judith Rodin, University President; 4 p.m.; rm. B-1, Meyerson Hall (School of Design).

5    Taking Research on Guns and Violence Seriously; Gary Kleck, Florida State University; 9:30 a.m.; Terrace Room, Logan Hall (FICAP).

A Host PKC Pathway Initiated by Phosphatidylinositol-Specific Phospholipase C (PI-PLC) Participates in Permeabilization of the Macrophage Phagosome by Listeria Monocytogenes; Mathilde Poussin, microbiology; noon; rm. 209, Johnson Pavilion (Microbiology).

7    Lecture on Aleksandra Mir; Beck Feibelman, SAS; 1 p.m.; ICA.

8    Spindle Orientation: The Compass Model; Yves Barral, Institute for Biochemistry; 2 p.m.; Class of '62 Lecture Hall, John Morgan Bldg. (PMI).

9    Molecular Control of Cell Polarization, Motility and Mechanics Revealed by Particle Tracking; Denis Wirtz, FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics; noon; 2nd fl. Conference Room, Vagelos Research Labs (IME).

10  Molecular Control of Cell Migration in Drosophila Ovarian Development and in Ovarian Cancer; Denise Montell, Johns Hopkins University; noon; rm. 251, BRB II/III (CRRWH).

Jaagsiete Sheep Retrovirus and Lung Cancer: Mechanisms of Transformation; Hung Fan, University of California at Irvine; noon; Auditorium, CRB (Microbiology).

NMR Determination of Structural and Dynamic Responses of Proteins in Different Functional States; Linda Nicholson, Cornell University; 4 p.m.; Class of '62 Lecture Hall, John Morgan Bldg. (Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics).

12  Regulation of Virulence Factors by Quorum Sensing in E. Coli 0157:H7; James Kaper, University of Maryland; noon; rm. 209, Johnson Pavilion (Microbiology).

13  A Civilian Occupation: The Politics of Israeli Architecture; Rafi Segal, Princeton University and Eyal Weizman, Bartlett School of Architecture, London; 6:30 p.m.; Slought Foundation.

15   Grid Sensor Networks: Statistics and Dynamics; Sanjay Shakkottai, University of Texas at Austin; 11 a.m.; rm. 337, Towne Bldg. (Telecommunications and Networking).

Title TBA; Matthew Neurock, University of Virginia; 3:30 p.m.; Wu and Chen Auditorium, Levine Hall; info.: (215) 898-8531 (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering).

Slide Lecture; Carol Diehl, painter and art writer; 4:30 p.m.; rm. B-3, Meyerson Hall (Fine Arts).

16  Fast Face Detection; Stuart Schwartz, Princeton University; 11 a.m.; Wu and Chen Auditorium, Levine Hall (Electrical and Systems Engineering).

On the Fusion of Biological Membranes; Michael Schick, University of Washington; noon; 2nd fl. Conference Room, Vagelos Research Labs (IME).

Louis I. Kahn Memorial Lecture; Daniel Libeskind, Studio Daniel Libeskind; 6:30 p.m.; UPM; tickets:; register by Marcy 7 (AIA Center for Architecture and Architectural Archives).

Primary Care Ethics and Genetics: How Men View Genetic Testing for Prostate Cancer Risk; David Doukas, Center for Bioethics; noon; ste. 320, 3401 Market St. (Center for Bioethics).

La Dimension Sociale de l'Union Europ³ene; Betty Slowinski, romance languages; 4:30 p.m.; rm. G245, Jon M. Huntsman Hall (French Institute).

Slide Lecture; Jerome Witkin, painter; 4:30 p.m.; rm. B-3, Meyerson Hall (Fine Arts).

17  The Interconnections of Research, Science and Policy at the U.S. EPA; William Farland, EPA; noon; Carolyn Hoff Lynch Auditorium, Chemistry Bldg. (IES).

The Lysosomal Trafficking of Sphingolipid Activator Proteins in Sertoli Cells is Mediated by Sortilin; Carlos Morales, McGill University; noon; rm. 251, BRB II/III (CRRWH).

Rational Inhibitor Design Against Viral Proteases; Ernesto Freire, Johns Hopkins University; 4 p.m.; Class of '62 Lecture Hall, John Morgan Bldg. (Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics).

Lessons in Leadership; Eileen Naughton, TIME magazine; 5 p.m.; Ben Franklin Room, Houston Hall; registration:, PennKey needed (Fox Leadership).

Conversation: Sarah McEneaney and Sheila Pepe; Sarah McEneaney, artist; Sheila Pepe, artist; Natalie Anderson, poet; 6 p.m.; ICA; free with gallery admission.

18  Functionalized Biomaterial Surfaces; Russell Composto, Material Science and Engineering; 10:30 a.m.; Auditorium, LRSM (Material Science and Engineering).

Analysis of HIV-1 Envelope Glycoproteins as Immunogens; Richard Wyatt, NIH; 1 p.m.; Class of '62 Lecture Hall, John Morgan Bldg. (Center for AIDS Research).

Nadine Gordimer and the Imagination of Scale; Rita Barnard, English; Alice Brittan, Dalhousie University; 4:30 p.m.; Penn Humanities Forum (Ethnohistory).

Title TBA; Paul Horn, IBM; 4:30 p.m.; Wu and Chen Auditorium, Levine Hall (SEAS).

Exporting Democracy to the Arab World; Sheila Carapico, University of Richmond; 4:45 p.m.; rm. 200, Middle East Center.

Kerry Prize Talk; Brendan Lorber, editor of Lungfull and poet; 7 p.m.; Kelly Writers House.

19  The Effects of Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising; James Cardon, Brigham Young University; noon; Auditorium, Colonial Penn Center (LDI).

A Pneumococcal Locus Linking Genetic Competence and Virulence; Michael Sebert, microbiology; noon; rm. 209, Johnson Pavilion (Microbiology).

Towering Steep; Terry Adkins, fine arts; 3 p.m.; Rich Seminar Room, Jaffe Bldg. (History of Art).

Regulation of Detrusor Smooth Muscle Contraction; Paul Ratz, Virginia Commonwealth University; 3:30 p.m.; Hirst Auditorium, Dulles Bldg. (Urology).

22  Nuclear Positioning in C. Elegans Syncytial Cells and at the Mouse Neuro-Muscular Junction; Dan Starr, University of California, Davis; 2 p.m.; Class of '62 Lecture Hall, John Morgan Bldg. (PMI).

Giambologna's Sabine and its Viewers; Michael Cole, history of art; 5 p.m.; rm. 113, Jaffe Bldg. (Center for Italian Studies).

Roof House to Steel Snake; Takaharu Tezuka, Takaharu and Yui Tezuka Architects, Tokyo; 6 p.m.; rm. B-1, Meyerson Hall (Architecture).

Landscape and the Bodies Politic; Kenneth Olwig, SLU-Alnard, Sweden; 6 p.m.; rm. B-3, Meyerson Hall (Landscape Architecture).

23  Freemasonry: Paradox Amid the Mysteries; Margaret Jacob, UCLA; 5 p.m.; Penn Humanities Forum; registration: (Penn Humanities Forum).

24  The Liebestod Between T Cells and Phagocytes in Listeria Infection; Emil Unanue, Washington University; noon; Auditorium, CRB (Micobiology).

Polycomb Chromatin Silencing Mechanisms; Vincenzo Pirrotta, University of Geneva, Switzerland; 4 p.m.; Grossman Auditorium, Wistar Institute.

Watching Single Biomolecules Do Their Things (and Learning About Them); Taekjip Ho, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; 4 p.m.; Class of '62 Lecture Hall, John Morgan Bldg. (Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics).

Poet Painter Series Slide Lecture; Yvonne Jacquette, painter; Maureen Owen, poet; 5 p.m.; Kelly Writer's House (Fine Arts; Writer's House).

25  Rebuilding Japan; Masato Kimura, Shibusawa Memorial Foundation, Japan; noon; The Forum, Stiteler Hall (East Asian Studies).

Preventing HIV Among Adolescent and Young Adult Women in the U.S., Africa, and the Caribbean; Ralph DiClemente, and Gina Wingood, Emory University; 1 p.m.; Reunion Auditorium, John Morgan Bldg. (Center for AIDS Research).

Questioning Assumptions in an Era of Longevity; Robert Butler, International Longevity Center; 1:30 p.m.; Class of '62 Lecture Hall, John Morgan Bldg. (Institute on Aging).

The Puerto Rican Syndrome: Hysteria in the Barrio; Patricia Emilia Gherovici, Philadelphia Lacan Study Group; 4 p.m.; History Lounge, College Hall (Latin American and Latino Studies).

Title IX: Gender Equity and Athletics at Penn: Past and Future; Janice Madden, Carol Tracy, and Susan Miller, women studies, and Kenneth Shropshire, Wharton; 5 p.m.; Golkin Room, Houston Hall (Women's Studies; Penn Women's Center; Alice Paul Center).

Film Studies Today; Patricia White, Swarthmore College, Timothy Murray, Cornell University; Timothy Corrigan, cinema studies; 5 p.m.; The Bridge Cinema de Lux (Cinema Studies).

What is Slought?: An Introduction; Aaron Levy, Slought Foundation; 6:30 p.m.; Slought Foundation.

26  Risk Segmentation in Consumer-Directed Health Plans; John Bertko, Humana; noon; Auditorium, Colonial Penn Center; rsvp: (LDI).

Listeryia Monocytogenes Phosphatidylinositol-specific Phospholipase C has Evolved for Intracellular Growth and Virulence by a Major Decrease of its Activity on Glycosyphosphatidylinositol Anchored Proteins; Zhengyu Wei, microbiology; noon, rm. 209, Johnson Pavilion (Microbiology).

The Sentimental and the Gothic: Claudine-Alexandrine de Tencin's Mémoires du Comte de Comminge; Jennifer Furlong, romance languages; for previously circulated paper e-mail; 2 p.m.; ste. One East, 3624 Market St. (French Institute).

Un Modèle pour Matisse: Histoire de la Chapelle du Rosaire à Vence; in French; Barbara Freed, Carnegie Mellon University; 6 p.m.; rm. G55, Jon M. Huntsman Hall; registration: or (215) 573-3550 (French Institute).

27  Stoning the Devil; Brian Freedman, author; Adam Fieled, poet, musician; 4:30 p.m.; Kelly Writers House (Writers House).

29  MPLS Traffic Engineering and Fast ReRoute Protection; Dave Wang, Wide Area Network Design Lab; 11 a.m.; rm. 337, Towne Bldg. (Telecommunications and Networking).

Title TBA; Fulvia Verde, University of Miami; 2 p.m.; Class of '62 Lecture Hall, John Morgan Bldg.; info.: (PMI).

Slide Lecture; Debra Werblud, printmaker; 5 p.m.; rm. B-3, Meyerson Hall (Fine Arts).

30  Fast Acquisition of GPS Signals; Vahid Tarokh, Harvard University; 11 a.m.; Wu and Chen Auditorium, Levine Hall (Electrical and Systems Engineering).

The Fragmentary Politics of Law, Memories, and Migrant Workers: Korean Chinese, North Koreans and Guest Workers in South Korea; Hyun Ok Park, NYU; noon; rm. 107, Old Hillel (Korean Lecture Series; East Asian Studies).

Three Cultures or One?: Muslims, Jews, and Christians and the Art of Coexistence in Medieval Spain; Maria Rosa Menocal, Yale University; 5 p.m.; rm. 200, College Hall (Penn Humanities Forum).

31  The Impact of Indoor Air Pollution on Human Health; Jack Spengler, Harvard University; noon; Carolyn Hoff Lynch Auditorium, Chemistry Bldg. (IES).

Regulation of Signaling at the Ovarian Germ Cell-Soma Interface; David Albertini, Tufts University; noon; rm. 251, BRB II/III (CRRWH).

DNA and Protein Transfer by Agrobacterium Tumefaciens into Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Cells: The VirB Complex as a Paradigm Type IV Secretions System; Andrew Binns, biology; noon; Auditorium, CRB (Microbiology).

2004 Dean's Forum: Qualities of Leadership; David McCullough, historian; 4:30 p.m.; Irvine Auditorium; tickets-free: Annenberg Center, (215) 898-3900 (SAS).

* Postponed until April* W.E.B. Du Bois Sociology: The Philadelphia Negro and Social Science; Tukufu Zuberi, sociology; 4:30 p.m.; rm. 17, Logan Hall; tickets-free: (215) 898-7227 (Provost's Lecture Series).

Lecture on the Naming Tokyo Installation; Aleksandra Mir, artist; 6 p.m.; ICA. See Exhibits.



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Almanac, Vol. 50, No. 23, February 24, 2004