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U@Penn: A Portal for Faculty and Staff

Wondering about tuition benefits? Looking for the Handbook for Faculty and Academic Administrators? Logging in to view your pay stub? U@Penn now provides easy access to these and hundreds of other resources Penn employees need in their personal and work lives. First implemented in May 2002 to provide access to personal payroll and benefits information, U@Penn has evolved to become a one-stop employee portal with links to online applications and information from across the University. Try it out at

u@penn web

Portal Overview

U@Penn groups information and services from disparate organizations in three easy-to-understand categories known as tabs: General, Business, and Research. On each tab, information is grouped into sections called channels, which contain links to Penn web sites that pertain to the topic of each channel. U@Penn also provides quick and easy access to web-based electronic mail, the Penn calendar, directories, and current news and announcements. 

Faculty and staff who log in to U@Penn using their PennKey and password have additional capabilities:

• They can seamlessly access PennKey-secured applications which they are authorized to use, such as BEN Deposits, BEN Reports, Web-enabled Salary Distribution (WESD), Penn's Way Online, and others as they become available. Separate logins are not required for each application. Red locks indicate those applications that require a PennKey. 

• Logging in also allows users of U@Penn to personalize the portal by including personal channel choices, headline news sources, favorite web links, and more. Over time, logged in users may see additional channels or tabs relevant to their school or center or position.

For more information on using and customizing U@Penn, please refer to

Payroll and Benefits Enhancements

The expanded U@Penn continues to provide convenient, secure, on-line access to personal payroll and benefits information, via direct links to My Profile, My Pay, and My Benefits. These pages, familiar to users of the original U@Penn, have been enhanced with improved navigation and features. Navigation of these pages is easier than ever, thanks to new information icons info dot and helpful text. My Profile now allows employees to edit their own payroll profile, with updates to home or permanent address, emergency contact information, and work phones. My Pay continues to provide pay stub history. The wealth of information on the My Benefits page has been rearranged to make it more straightforward. PennKey security ensures that personal data is protected and secure.

And as with the original My Profile, My Pay, and My Benefits features, payroll information is not actually stored on the web.

Let Us Know What You Think

We hope that you will take advantage of all that U@Penn has to offer, including work-related resources and personal compensation, benefits, and health information—even information about what is happening on campus.  If you have suggestions for additional links, comments or questions about using U@Penn, please e-mail us at

—Craig Carnaroli, Executive Vice President

—Jack Heuer, Vice President, Human Resources

—Robin Beck, Vice President, Information Systems and Computing



  Almanac, Vol. 51, No. 10, November 2, 2004


November 2, 2004
Volume 51 Number 10


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