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Since 1956 Penn has celebrated a rite of passage each year for faculty and staff of all ranks who meet only one common requisite: they have been members of the University community for 25 years. Another 158 new members crossed the 25-year mark and were inducted at the University of Pennsylvania Twenty-five Year Club celebration that was held on November 4 in Houston Hall.

25-Year Club New Members for 2004

Ms. Marianne Achenbach, Business Office/Med

Dr. Sherrill L. Adams, Biochemistry/Dental Medicine

Ms. Sue R. Adams, Widener Hospital/Vet

Ms. Alpha Andrews, Student Financial Services/Division of Finance

Dr. Isabelle O. Arndt, Psychiatry/Med

Dr. Judith Aronchick, Radiology/Med

Ms. Phyllis A. Bean, Widener Hospital/Vet

Dr. Ivar Berg, Sociology/SAS

Dr. Peter Berthold, Dental Medicine

Ms. Patricia F. Blood, Accounting/Wharton

Ms. Virginia E. Branch, Finance

Dr. Lawrence F. Brass, Hematology & Oncology/Med

Ms. Barbara Brostowicz, ISC 

Ms. Deborah D. Bruce, Widener Hospital/Vet

Dr. Gershon Buchsbaum, Bioengineering/SEAS

Mr. Richard E. Buckley, Engineering/SEAS

Dr. Stanley N. Caroff, Addictions/Med

Dr. Patrick J. Carroll, Chemistry/SAS

Dr. John J. Cebra, Biology/SAS

Dr. Anna Rose Childress, Addictions/Med

Ms. Sarah E. Clark, Environmental Services

Ms. Doris Cochran-Fikes, Admissions/Provost's Center 

Ms. Dorothea M. Coleman, Biochemistry and Biophysics/Med

Ms. Becky G. Collins, Dynamics Of Organization/SAS

Dr. Richard B. Cornfield, Psychiatry/Med

Ms. M. Jane Curry, Penn Police/Public Safety

Ms. Diana Garner Davis, University Library

Mr. Samuel W. Deisher, Obgyn/Med

Mr. Louis B. Delpino, Pathology/Med

Ms. Barbara J. Delregino, Dental Medicine

Mr. Joseph E. D'Emilio, Engineering/ SEAS

Ms. Joanne M. Dubil, Comparative Literature/SAS 

Dr. Arthur Earl Dunham, Biology/SAS 

Ms. Alice M. Dunleavy, Research Services/Finance

Mr. Joseph Dunn, Systems Engineering/ISC

Ms. Phyllis Durham, Cell & Developmental Biology/Med

Ms. Lorene M. Eighme, Biology/SAS

Dr. Sydney M. Evans, Radiation Oncology/Med

Ms. Lynn Z. Faust, Biology/SAS

Ms. Patricia Fells, Dcchs/Dental Medicine

Dr. Gladys Susan Fenichel, Psychiatry/Med 

Dr. Diane D. Frey, Academic Services/CAS

Dr. George T. Furst, Chemistry/SAS

Ms. Elizabeth Gentner, Engineering/SEAS

Dr. Joanne M. Gillis-Donovan, Family & Community Health/Nursing

Dr. Yale E. Goldman, Physiology/Med

Ms. Joy Rogers Gomez-Farrow, Campus Services Operations

Ms. Brenda M. Gonzalez, President's Office

Dr. Francisco Gonzalez-Scarano, Neurology/Med

Ms. Vivian Green, ULAR/Provost's Center 

Ms. Ann C. Gregor, Small Animal Hospital/Vet

Mr. Howard Gross, ULAR/Provost's Center 

Mr. William K. Gross, Operations and Maintenance

Dr. Juan E. Grunwald, Ophthalmology/Med

Dr. Gregory M. Guild, Biology/SAS

Ms. Margaret A. Guinan, Near Eastern Language & Culture/SAS

Mr. George William Hain, Development & Alumni Relations

Mr. Henry H. Harper, Operations & Maintenance

Ms. Beth Annette Harvey, New Bolton/Vet

Dr. Mark S. Heiser, Anesthesia/Med

Ms. Inez G. Henderson-Purnell, Orthodontics/Dental Medicine  

Ms. Elaine C. Hendricks, University Library

Dr. Sydney Heyman, General University

Mr. John Hogan, Biddle Law Library

Dr. James A. Hoxie, Hematology & Oncology/Med

Ms. Patricia A. Johnson, History and Sociology Of Science/SAS

Ms. Carolyn E. Julye, Dynamics Of Organization/SAS

Mr. H. Mark Keintz, Wharton Computing and Inst/Wharton

Dr. Richard E. Kihlstrom, Finance/Wharton

Mr. John Joseph Kinney, Admissions/Provost's Center 

Dr. Anna Kornbrot, Oral Surgery/Med

Dr. Michael P. Kowitt, Psychiatry/Med

Ms. Karen S. Lawrence, Vice Provost For Grad Education/Provost's Center 

Ms. Helen Lee, Facilities/Nursing

Ms. Mary Leonard, Pediatrics/Med

Ms. Arlene Levene, Law School Staff/Law

Ms. Pamela Denise Lewis, Dental Care Health System

Mr. Richard A. Lewis, Environmental Services

Dr. Peter D. Linneman, Real Estate/Wharton

Dr. Irwin Lucki, Behavioral Pharmacology/Med  

Mr. C. Richard Lyttle, Obgyn/Med

Dr. Vicki L. Mahaffey, English/SAS

Dr. Victor H. Mair, East Asian Language and Culture/SAS

Ms. Barbara A. Marinelli, Psychiatry/Med

Ms. Barbara Maschak-Carey, Psychiatry/Med

Ms. Audrey J. Masciocchi, DRL Business Administration/SAS

Dr. Bernard A. Mason, Regulatory Affairs/Provost's Center 

Dr. Cary M. Mazer, English/SAS

Dr. David M. McCarthy, Cardiology/Med

Ms. Susan C. McDonald, Business Administration/SAS

Mr. Edward R. McLean, Penn Museum

Ms. Christine E. McMahon, Dental Medicine

Mr. Fred I. Mitchell, GSE

Ms. Lucy S. Momjian, Treasurer's Office/Finance

Dr. Alvin Morris, General University Eb Pool

Mr. Francis C. Murray, Recreation And Athletics 

Mr. John M. Nace, Operations & Maintenance

Mr. Joseph Nash, Operations & Maintenance

Ms. Sandra R. Natson, Philosophy/SAS

Mr. Cuong Hung Nguyen, Chemistry/SAS

Dr. Susan C. Nicolson, Anesthesia/Med

Ms. Lorie F. O'Malley, Biomedical Library/University Library

Ms. Aldona Page, Office of Student Conduct/Provost Interdisciplinary Programs

Dr. Harold Palevsky, Pulmonary/Med

Mr. Leon A. Parsons, Operations & Maintenance

Dr. Teresa P. Pica, GSE

Ms. Hilda Ann Pierce, ULAE/Provost's Center 

Dr. Samuel H. Preston, SAS

Ms. Viola Privette, Dental Medicine

Mr. Charles E. Prood, Nursing

Mr. Graham E. Quinn, Administration/Med 

Mr. Michael G. Raducha, Clinical Studies/Vet

Ms. Virginia B. Reef, Clinical Studies/Vet

Mr. Dean W. Richardson, Clinical Studies/Vet

Ms. Valerie L. Robinson, Small Animal Hospital/Vet

Mr. Carlos Ivan Rodriguez, Biomedical Library

Dr. John L. Rombeau, Surgery/Med

Ms. Patricia L. Rose, Career Services

Dr. Sheldon Rovin, Dental Medicine

Mr. Laurence J. Salotti, Penn Police/Public Safety

Mr. Farshid Sanavi, Periodontics/Med 

Ms. Jacqueline A. Scharff, Family and Community Health/Nursing

Ms. Rita Schinnar, Center for Clinical Biology/Med

Dr. William W. Schlaepfer, Pathology/Med  

Mr. Robert A. Schoenberg, Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans/Student Services 

Dr. Robert L. Schuyler, Anthropology/SAS

Ms. Patricia S. Scullin, External Affairs/SAS

Ms. Susan M. Shaman, Institute For Research In/GSE 

Mr. Leon S. Shamsid'deen, Environmental Services

Mr. Samuel L. Singer, Penn Police/Public Safety

Mr. William J. Stebbins, Penn Museum

Dr. Wendy L. Steiner, English/SAS

Dr. Rosemary A. Stevens, General University

Dr. Robert A. Stine, Statistics/Wharton

Mr. Steven D. Stofer, Operations & Maintenance

Mr. Michael Suplick, Institute For Neuroscience/Med

Mr. George E. Thomas, School of Design 

Ms. Janis L. Tofani, President's Center

Dr. Gary A. Tomlinson, Music/SAS

Ms. Debra E. Toogood, Biological Psychiatry/Med

Dr. John Q. Trojanowski, Pathology/Med

Dr. Richard W. Tureck, Obgyn/Med

Dr. Marie O. Uberti-Benz, Dermatology/Med

Dr. William J. Untereker, Cardiology/Med

Dr. E. Scott Urdang, Finance/Wharton

Ms. Karen B. Vellucci, Penn Museum

Dr. Victoria L. Voith, Clinical Studies/Vet

Ms. Patricia A. Walker, Nursing

Dr. Scott Ward, Marketing/Wharton

Mr. George R. Warner, Environmental Services

Ms. Kim R. Watford, Operations & Information/Wharton

Dr. Eric S. Weinberg, Biology/SAS

Mr. Anthony M. Westhoff, Environmental Services

Ms. Jadwiga Westhoff, Environmental Services

Dr. Flaura K. Winston, Pediatrics/Med

Mr. William John Wood, University Library

Dr. Ruth E. York, Family & Community Health/Nursing

Dr. Wolfgang Ziller, Mathematics/SAS



  Almanac, Vol. 51, No. 13, November 23, 2004


November 23, 2004
Volume 51 Number 13


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