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The 2005 School of Nursing Awards

R. Malseed

The Faculty Teaching Award recognizes a member of the School of Nursing faculty for excellence in teaching. Dr. Roger Malseed, adjunct associate professor of nursing, is lauded for his superb skill in teaching pharmacology to thousands of nursing students over the decades and is known for bringing the most current research into the classroom. Students praise his thought-provoking way of presenting critical information and his patience in answering every student question in order to ensure the material is accessible. His students recognize the importance of his scholarly accomplishments as well as his continued practice as central to his professionalism. Dr. Malseed is also applauded for showing a great desire to learn from his students, a true mark of a good professor.


L. Evans

The Doctoral Student Organization (DSO) is pleased to present the 2005 Barbara Lowery Faculty Award to Dr. Lois K. Evans. Dr. Evans, the Viola MacInnis/Independence Professor of Nursing, is a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing. She is an exemplary role model to doctoral students in her dedication to leadership and research in gerontological nursing. Dr. Evans is valued by her students for her strong mentorship, intellectual guidance and the invaluable support she has given over the years. Furthermore, her enthusiasm and talent as an educator have endeared her to many in the School of Nursing. The DSO gives her this award to honor her as a leader, scholar and mentor. The award recognizes the significant impact and contributions of a faculty member to the development of future nursing scholars, researchers and leaders. It is awarded each year to a member of the School’s standing faculty by a vote of the DSO membership. The award was named to honor Dr. Lowery, who was instrumental in the lives of so many doctoral students.


C. Ladden

The Undergraduate Advising Award recognizes a member of the School of Nursing who excels at advising undergraduate students. This award was given to Carol Ladden, assistant dean of admissions and financial aid. Her advisees praise her experience, commitment and sincere approach. They commend her constant support of their academic and psychosocial well-being and her dedication and devotion towards all undergraduate students.

The Teaching Assistant Award is awarded to a TA who demonstrates cognitive, professional and interpersonal competencies. This year there were two recipients: Eun-Hi Kong’s professionalism and competence surpasses the expectations of her faculty who consider her an invaluable asset. Ms. Kong brings organizational and technical skills to the course through utilization of the University Blackboard Learning System. Sadie Mitchell uses her personal passion for nutrition to bring a balanced, interactive and enthusiastic approach to participation with students during classroom discussion. Her faculty praise her efforts, maturity and consider her a vital part of the team.



  Almanac, Vol. 51, No. 31, May 3, 2005


May 3, 2005
Volume 51 Number 31


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