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Dental Medicine Awards

Penn Dental Medicine faculty members were recognized by students for their teaching excellence as part of the School’s Senior Farewell 2006, a celebration of the Class of 2006 by the Penn Dental Medicine Alumni Society. The event was held May 9 at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel. The recipients are voted on by members of the graduating class. This year’s awards and honorees included the following:

Eisa Mozaffari
The Earle Bank Hoyt Award and the Senior Outstanding Teaching Award. The Hoyt Award is presented for teaching excellence to a Penn Dental Medicine graduate who is a full-time junior faculty member; it was established by a grateful patient in honor of Dr. Hoyt, a member of the Penn Dental Medicine Class of 1918, who was a distinguished clinician and educator. The Senior Outstanding Teaching Award is presented to a faculty member who has gone beyond his/her responsibilities to significantly impact the class’s educational experience. This year, Dr. Eisa Mozaffari (GD ’78, GD ’80, D ’04) received both awards posthumously. Dr. Mozaffari, who lost his life to leukemia in January 2006, was director of the Radiology Clinic at Penn Dental Medicine and a lecturer in the department of oral medicine (Almanac February 14, 2006). He taught radiology in both the clinic and classroom and was part of the School’s faculty since 1999.
Arthur Kuperstein
The Joseph L.T. Appleton Award—presented to a part-time faculty member for excellence in clinical teaching. It is named in honor of Dr. Appleton, a member of the Penn Dental Medicine Class of 1914, who served as dean of the School from 1941 to 1951.The Appleton Award was established in 1979 by Abram Cohen, a member of the Penn Dental Medicine Class of 1923 and father of Dean Emeritus D. Walter Cohen, a member of the Penn Dental Medicine Class of 1950. This year’s recipient of the Appleton Award is Dr. Arthur Kuperstein, clinical associate of oral medicine and acting director of the Radiology Clinic, who teaches radiology courses and clinic seminars that span all four years of the curriculum. Dr. Kuperstein joined the Penn Dental Medicine faculty in 2002.
Beverly Crawford
The Robert E. DeRevere Award—presented for excellence in preclinical teaching by a part-time faculty member. This award is named in honor of Dr. De Revere, a member of the Penn Dental Medicine Class of 1945, who served on the School’s faculty. This year’s recipient of the DeRevere Award is Dr. Beverly Crawford, a staff dentist, who teaches in the preclinical lab. Dr. Crawford has been teaching at the School since 1989.
Elliot Hersh
The Basic Science Award—presented for excellence in teaching within the basic sciences. This year’s recipient of the Basic Science Award is Dr. Elliot Hersh, professor of oral surgery and pharmacology and director of the Division of Pharmacology and Therapeutics. Dr. Hersh, who has been part of the Dental Medicine faculty  since 1988, teaches pharmacology. This is the 14th straight year that he has been presented with this award.



  Almanac, Vol. 52, No. 34, May 23, 2006


May 23, 2006
Volume 52 Number 34


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