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PPSA Board Change
October 10, 2006, Volume 53, No. 7

The PPSA Board is sad to report that Kate Ward-Gaus, elected as Chair for the 2006-2007 year, has left Penn for another university. The PPSA Executive Committee, as per its By-Laws, met and made the following appointments:

Adam B. Sherr,Chair for 2006-2007 and Past Chair for 2007-2008

Rodney Robinson, Past Chair 2006-2007

The resulting 2006-2007 PPSA Board, including the newly elected members:

Past Chair: Rodney Robinson, Student Life, VPUL

Chair: Adam B. Sherr, Academic Affairs, School of Nursing

Chair-elect: Suzanne Bellan, PennCard Center, Business Services

Vice Chair: Ty Furman, Student Performing Arts, VPUL

Vice Chair-elect: John McGarry, Real Estate Brokerage, Facilities and Real Estate Services

Members-at-Large (term expires May 2007)

Mayumi Hirtzel, Penn Video Network, ISC

Monica Jones, Affirmative Action (filling vacancy left by Suzanne Bellan)

Patricia Thatcher, Weingarten Learning Resources Center, VPUL

Members-at-Large (term expires May 2008)

Karen Chance, Global Alumni Network, Alumni Relations

Ken Grcich, Hamilton College House, CHAS

Judy Jackson, BioMed Grad Studies, SOM

—Adam B. Sherr, PPSA Chair


Almanac - October 10, 2006, Volume 53, No. 7