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October 9, 2007, Volume 54, No. 7

Since 1956, Penn has celebrated a rite of passage each year for faculty and staff of all ranks who meet only one common requisite: they have been members of the University community for 25 years. Another 140 new members crossed the 25-year mark in 2007 and will be inducted at the University of Pennsylvania 25-Year Club celebration on Thursday, October 11.

25-Year Club: New Members for 2007

Dr. William R. Abrams, Biochemistry/Dental Med Ms. Margaret M. Kowalski, Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics/Recreation & Athletics
Mr. John Andrews-Labenski, Psychology/SAS Mr. Dale Lanks, General Counsel/President’s Center
Mr. Michael V. Archey, Biddle Library/Law Dr. Midge Leitch, Clinical Studies-NBC/Vet
Mr. Mark F. Aseltine, Technology Support Services/ISC Dr. Marsha Isack Lester, Chemistry/SAS
Ms. Susan Bakewell, Sachs Family & Community Health/Nursing Dr. Stephen A. Liebhaber, Admin/Med
Dr. Elliot S. Barnathan, Admin/Med Ms. Susan M. Lippo, McKay Orthopaedic Research Laboratory/Med
Ms. Agnieszka Baumritter, Admin/Med Dr. Farideh Madani, Oral Medicine/Dental Med
Mr. Ronald Becker, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities Ms. Tobi G. Maguire, Cancer/Biology/Med
Mr. Stanley L. Bergman, Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics/Recreation & Athletics Dr. S. Bruce Malkowicz, Surgery/Med
Dr. Jeffrey Blum, Pedodontics/Dental Med Dr. Catherine S. Manno, Pediatrics/Med
Dr. Daniel Kent Bogen, Bioengineering/SEAS Mr. Paul McGonigle, Pharmacology/Med
Dr. Normand Simon J. Boucher, Orthodontics/Dental Med Mr. Weldon McIntyre, Managed Dining/Business Services
Ms. Conchita T. Burwell, General Counsel/President’s Center Ms. Helen C. Mitchell-Sears, Neurology/Med
Dr. Rebecca W. Bushnell, Admin/SAS Dr. Thomas Moshang, Pediatrics/Med
Ms. Noreen Caden, Social Work/SP2 Dr. Celeste C. Mruk, Medicine/Med
Mr. Stuart Alan Campbell, Student Financial Services/Finance Dr. John M. Murray, Cell & Developmental Biology/Med
Mr. Rennard Carmichael, Technology Support Services/ISC Dr. Irving Nachamkin, Pathology/Med
Dr. Brenda B. Casper, Biology/SAS Ms. Alice Nagle, Learning Resource Center/Student Services
Dr. Theodore G. Cheek, Admin/Med Mr. Peter F. Nichols, External Affairs/SAS
Mr. Timothy P. Cheney, Population Studies Center/SAS Dr. Gulbun O’Connor, President’s Center
Dr. Ted C. K. Chinburg, Mathematics/SAS Mr. Stephen E. Orlin, Ophthalmology/Med
Dr. Thomas J. Conahan, Admin/Med Mr. Paul G. Orsini, Animal Biology/Vet
Ms. Julia Moore Converse, External Relations/Design Dr. Thomas D. Parsons, Clinical Studies-NBC/Vet
Dr. Nancy E. Cooke, Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism/Med Dr. Trevor M. Penning, Pharmacology/Med
Mr. Timothy Crawford, Penn Museum Mrs. Kim J. Peterson-Yantorno, Physiology/Med
Mr. Patrick Crilly, Environmental Services/Facilities Ms. Donna M. Petrelli, IT Support/Business Services
Dr. Gary Walter Crooks, Medicine/Med Ms. Patricia A. Petz, SEAS
Ms. Vicki Lynn Culbreath, Clinical Management/Dental Med Mr. Stephen P. Phipps, Earth and Environmental Science/SAS
Mrs. Peggy L. Curchack, Career Services/Student Services Mr. George Andrew Pochos, Comptroller/Finance
Dr. Richard S. Davidson, McKay Orthopaedic Research Laboratory/Med Mr. Michael W. Powell, Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics/Recreation & Athletics
Dr. Susan B. Davidson, Computer Information Sciences/SEAS Mr. Mark C. Quigley, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities
Mr. Dennis D. Deegan, Human Resources Mr. Lloyd G. Ricketts, Environmental Service/Facilities
Ms. Lisa Desiderio, Admin/Med Dr. David Gilman Romano, Penn Museum
Dr. Dennis M. DeTurck, Admin/SAS Dr. Michael W. Ross, Clinical Studies-NBC/Vet
Mr. Anthony G. Devalerio, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities Mrs. Eleanor C. Rupsis, Housing Services/Campus Services
Dr. Harold Lewis Dibble, Anthropology/SAS Mrs. Susan R. Ryan, Admin/Med
Dr. David L. Diefenderfer, Clinical Studies-Phila/Vet Mrs. Denise Siegfried Scala, Nursing
Mr. Timothy N. Dillard, Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute/Med Dr. Andre Scedrov, Mathematics/SAS
Dr. Pamela G. Doray, Restorative/Dental Med Dr. Norman M. Schechter, Admin/Med
Mr. Jehoshua Eliashberg, Marketing/Wharton Ms. Jill Schneider, Admin/Med
Dr. Douglas C. Ewbank, Sociology/SAS Mr. Peter E. Schulman, Psychology/SAS
Mr. Richard Farley, Architecture/Design Ms. Marion Oronzi Scott, Admin/Med
Mrs. Sharon S. Ferraiolo, SEAS Dr. Rajnikant K. Shah, Restorative/Dental Med
Ms. Karen F. Fishman, Clinical Studies- Phila/Vet Dr. Gregory P. Shea, Management/Wharton
Dr. Mary Ann Forciea, Admin/Med Mr. Darryl Shelton, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities
Mr. Bruce D. Freedman, Pathobiology/Vet Ms. Carol Ann Slaughter, Managed Dining/Business Services
Mr. Brian Friel, Environmental Services/Facilities Ms. Maria I. Smolka-Day, Biddle Library/Law
Mr. Jerry Friel, Facilities/Dental Med Dr. Stephen A. Solotoff, Dermatology/Med
Dr. David T. Galligan, NBC/Vet Mrs. Georgia A. Spica, Research Support Services/Med
Mr. Joseph G. Gentile, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities Dr. Uriel Spiegel, Economics/SAS
Ms. Donna L. George, Admin/Med Ms. Brenda J. Spurgeon, Diabetes/Med
Mr. John T. Gillespie, Communications/Development Mrs. Geraldine Stauffer, Pedodontics/Dental Med
Ms. Harriet R. Goodstein, Admin/Med Dr. Nancy R. S. Steinhardt, East Asian Studies/SAS
Ms. Jean D. Gurley, Economics/SAS Dr. Neville E. Strumpf, Biobehavioral and Health Sciences/Nursing
Dr. Paul D. Guyer, Philosophy/SAS Mr. Thomas K. Stump, SEAS
Dr. Mary C. Harris, Admin/Med Dr. Morris A. Swartz, Respiratory Care and Pulmonary Diagnostic Services/Med
Dr. Paul A. Heiney, Physics and Astronomy/SAS Dr. Raymond W. Sweeney, Clinical Studies-NBC/Vet
Mr. Walter Isard, Economics/SAS Dr. Daniel H. Traister, University Library
Ms. Pamela H. Jardine, Penn Museum Dr. William C. Tyson, Legal Studies/Wharton
Mr. Robert L. Jones, Environmental Services/Facilities Decker W. Uhlhorn, Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics/Recreation & Athletics
Dr. Jeffrey L. Kallberg, Music/SAS Dr. Joseph R. Volpicelli, Psychiatry/Addictions/Med
Ms. Adria H. Katz, Penn Museum Dr. Susan C. Watkins, Sociology/SAS
Dr. Donald B. Keim, Finance/Wharton Mr. Mark West, Moore Business Office/SEAS
Ms. Barbara Ann Keyes, Managed Dining/Business Services Mr. Brian Wiggins, Managed Dining/Business Services
Mr. John R. Kimberly, Management/Wharton Ms. Melanie J. Wilkinson, Environmental Health/Provost’s Center
Mrs. Judith L. Kinman, Admin/Med Mrs. Loretta M. Williams, English/SAS
Ms. Sharon L. Klingsberg, Student Life/ Student Services Ms. Sandra Williams, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities
Dr. Gregory S. Kopf, Ob-Gyn/Med Dr. Robert B. Wilson, Pathology/Med
Dr. Brian M. Korff, Restorative/Dental Med Dr. Richard B. Womer, Admin/Med
Dr. Jonathan Korostoff, Periodontics/Dental Med Dr. Maria Wysocka, Admin/Med




Almanac - October 9, 2007, Volume 54, No. 7