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Lewis and Clark Revisited: A Trail in Modern Day
December 18, 2007, Volume 54, No. 16



Replica of a keelboat in the original river channel, near Onawa, Iowa, is part of the Lewis and Clark Revisited: A Trail in Modern Day traveling exhibition at the Penn Museum now through February 10, 2008. The collection includes 60 black and white photographs taken by professional photographer Greg Mac Gregor while he retraced Lewis and Clark’s legendary journey. Starting from the official beginning of Lewis and Clark’s expedition in Saint Charles, Missouri, Mr. Mac Gregor, professor emeritus of photography at California State University East Bay, captures important natural landmarks and waterways encountered by the explorers.

The collection includes: the Kansas River; Council Bluffs, Iowa; the Three Forks of the Missouri; the Yellowstone River; the Rocky Mountains; and the Great Falls in Montana. Traveling over 16,000 miles, the project took Mr. Mac Gregor six years to complete from 1993-1999. During that time, Mr. Mac Gregor visited and revisited specific scenes described in the explorers’ journals, using their words as his guide. Most photographs were taken while Mr. Mac Gregor was either standing directly on the trail or looking straight at where it used to be.

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Almanac - December 18, 2007, Volume 54, No. 16