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Penn Public Safety’s Holiday Outreach
December 18, 2007, Volume 54, No. 16



Greg Markert (left center), a soldier in the US Army, along with an Iraqi soldier, and some of the children helped by the “Save Our Children” project.


Penn’s Division of Public Safety held a drive this month to send gifts to the American troops in the Middle East. The Program Leaders included:

•  Lieutenant John Washington
•  Police Officer Colleen Kearns
•  Police Officer Tony Ramos
•  PennComm Assistant Operations Manager, Sandy Ramos

Lt. John Washington’s Rotary Club contributed greatly to the donation efforts by holding a collection at their facility and paying for all shipping and packaging fees for items donated by DPS.

Along with DPS’s contribution, Lt. Washington’s Rotary Club has helped ship approximately 400 pounds of food items, personal care items, toiletries, appreciation letters and school supplies.

Greg Markert (AlliedBarton): is currently stationed in a small camp near Kirkuk, Iraq. Part of his role entails supporting a project called “Save Our Children.” This project serves over 500 kids, many of whom are orphans in need of common necessities.

Joe McGibney (Penn Police): is working with a Civil Affairs Unit for the US Army in Iraq. The Unit’s goal is to rebuild Iraqi infrastructure by visiting and coordinating the use of local resources to places such as schools, power plants, soccer fields, and markets. The Unit’s task is to ensure the hiring of Iraqi contractors to fix damaged areas from fighting or intentional sabotage from insurgents. His group works to build and stimulate the local economy, which puts them in close contact with the local community.

Almanac - December 18, 2007, Volume 54, No. 16