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Beyond Kiosk at ICA
February 26, 2008, Volume 54, No. 23



Left: Nature is the master of multiplication and design. Part of the ramp project, Beyond Kiosk, at ICA through March 30. Over six hundred independent publication projects turn the transitional space of ICA’s ramp into a volume of volumes. Periodicals, zines, video and audio projects band the walls on narrow shelves skied high on the walls. Beyond Kiosk encourages viewers to pull material and peruse it along the way—picture the book stalls of Paris—or stop and read in the window seat and lounge staged half-way up the ramp.

Beyond Kiosk represents a multitude of independent publishing projects. It corresponds with computer technologies and means of distribution that make publishing affordable and accessible to virtually anyone who wants to put their ideas into print. More significantly, it explores the range of strategies and modes of production deployed within this increasingly effective means of distribution for making ideas visible.


Almanac - February 26, 2008, Volume 54, No. 23