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University Council
February 17, 2009, Volume 55, No. 22

Agenda for University Council Meeting

Source: Office of the University Secretary

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
 4 p.m.
Bodek Lounge, Houston Hall

I.       Approval of the Minutes of January 21, 2009. (1 minute)

II.      Follow-up Comments or Questions on Status Reports. (5 minutes)

III.     Discussion of Diversity Issues and Initiatives on Campus. (45 minutes)

IV.    Open Forum. (45 minutes) (see below)

V.     New Business. (5 minutes)

VI.    Adjournment by 5:45 p.m.

Open Forum Topics

1. Questions relating to the screening process for international visiting professors and encouraging free speech and exchange of ideas with respect to all members of the University community.

2. Announcement from new student organization: Penn Students of Ailing Mothers and Fathers (AMF).

3. Questions relating to allocation of research space to faculty members.

4. Possibilities for training of international postdoctorals in speaking and presentation skills that can be utilized in the classroom setting, at conferences and for grant presentations, etc.

5. Update on RecycleMania Competition 2009 and Penn’s recycling goals.


Almanac - February 17, 2009, Volume 55, No. 22