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Tuesday, April 28, 2009
On the Front Page:
  • Penn’s Graduate School Rankings
  • SAS Teaching Awards
  • SP2 Teaching Awards
  • GSE Teaching Award

  • Mr. Houton, Facilities
  • Dr. Hurvich, Psychology
  • Dr. Morlok, Systems and Electrical Engineering

  • Governance:
  • Trustees’ Meetings: May 14
  • University Council’s April Meeting Coverage

  • Other News:
  • Commencement Invitation
  • University of Pennsylvania Commencement Events 2009
  • Field Center for Children’s Policy, Practice and Research: Five Years of Making a Difference
  • Penn IUR: “Retooling HUD for a Catalytic Federal Government: A Report to Secretary Shaun Donovan”
  • Action Agenda: High Impact Philanthropy for the Economic Downturn
  • “Universities and Disasters: A Katrina Case Study” to Develop “How-To” Guide for “Next Time”
  • Honors & Other Things
  • Museum’s Egyptian Mummies: Visit to HUP for CT Scanning
  • Summary Annual Report for the Retirement Allowance Plan
  • Human Resources: Upcoming Programs
  • Recognized Holidays for Fiscal Year 2010
  • Still #1: Top Green Power Purchaser in Higher Education

  • Bulletins:
  • Symposium: Responses, Risks and Adaptation to Climate Change
  • GradFest: Saturday, May 2
  • RecycleMania
  • One Step Ahead: Sanitize Word, Excel and PowerPoint Docs Before Publishing
  • Update: April AT PENN
  • CrimeStats

    May AT PENN 2009

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    April 21, 2009


    May AT PENN


    Almanac - April 28, 2009, Volume 55, No. 31