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$25 Minimum Order Value for Office Supply Orders
September 14, 2010, Volume 57, No. 03

Penn Purchasing Services, together with Telrose and Office Depot, are announcing an important new initiative for the University. We are now recommending a minimum order value of $25 for all office supply orders, which will eliminate an estimated 6,000 purchase orders annually. This simple change supports the University’s Climate Action Plan by lowering Penn’s carbon footprint and reducing waste. By eliminating purchase orders for office supplies under $25, and thereby eliminating over 3,000 packages, the environmental benefits yielded would be a reduction of over 17,000 lbs. of CO2, and eliminating over 8,500 lbs. of packaging waste (cardboard and pillows). Penn Purchasing Services will be soliciting feedback from departments about this new initiative. Anyone who has a question or a comment should contact Rich Beynon at rbeynon@upenn.edu.



Almanac - September 14, 2010, Volume 57, No. 03