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Find Out Who Battled the Holiday Bulge—and Won

February 8, 2011, Volume 57, No. 21

Most people overindulge during the holiday season—then spend the new year trying to shed the extra weight. With so many tempting cakes, decadent pies and mouth-watering cookies, it’s easier to indulge in the moment and deal with it later. But some Penn employees are already ahead of the game thanks to the Maintain, Don’t Gain Program.

Of the 142 participants who challenged themselves to maintain their waistline over the holiday season, almost all of them succeeded. At this year’s post-holiday weigh-in, an impressive 89% of participants who completed the program stayed within two to three pounds of their starting weight and 60% even lost weight. With the help of weekly motivational e-mails that lessened the urge to splurge, some participants lost as much as ten pounds!

“This program really works, as once again I didn’t gain any weight over the holidays. The program stays with me so I’m mindful as to what I’m eating during the food festival we call the holidays,” said Catherine Lawrence, a staff member in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

For those people battling it out in the team competition, it was another successful year. Seventeen teams went head-to-head for a total weight loss of about 22 pounds. To see who took first place, and for overall team results, visit the Human Resources website at www.hr.upenn.edu/quality/wellness/maintaindontgain.aspx

—Division of Human Resources

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Almanac - February 8, 2011, Volume 57, No. 21