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Special Volunteer Opportunities

April 10, 2012, Volume 58, No. 29

Dear Penn Community,

Thank you so very much for all of your contributions and support of our surrounding community. Many benefit from your partnerships and willingness to give. Thank you also for your donation of $497.24 to the Annual Penn VIPS Change Drive to benefit the I’m Free Program, a nonprofit that works with recently released women to lower their recidivism rate.

See list below of current volunteer activities. We welcome your participation. Please email me at sammapp@pobox.upenn.edu to volunteer.

—Isabel Mapp, Associate Director
Netter Center for Community Partnerships

Suit and Jacket Drive—Through April 25
To benefit Hire Attire Boutique & Men’s Store, an organization that works with public school students to teach the art of dry cleaning, managing a store and working in retail. Your donations would benefit this worthwhile program while allowing you to get some spring cleaning done. Please bring your donations of suits (men and women) and jackets to any of the following locations:

  • President's Office, 100 College Hall, Brenda Gonzalez, 898-0447
  • Provost Office, 353B 3401 Walnut, Susan Curran, 898-6841
  • Museum Reception Desk, Near Kress Gallery, Bonnie Crossfield, 898-4001
  • Af-Am Resource Center, 3537 Locust Walk, Rob Carter, 898-0104
  • Human Resources, 538A 3401 Walnut Street, Syreeta Gary, 898-6018
  • SAS, 120 Claudia Cohen Hall, Alice Kelley 898-7867
  • Van Pelt Library Human Resources Office, Zakiya Blake, 898-8109
  • ISC, 265C 3401 Walnut St, Doris Pate, 573-6803
  • Wharton, 1000 SH-DH, Jennifer O'Keefe, 898-1092
  • School of Nursing, 202 Claire Fagin Hall, Donna Milici, 573-0747
  • ISC, 203A Sansom West, Kathie Ritchie, 573-3561
  • SAS External Affairs, 3615 Market St, Floor 2, Juliana Walker, 746-8250
  • Compliance & Privacy, 3819 Chestnut Street, Holly Miller, 215-614-1907
  • Research Services, P-221 Franklin Bldg., Lauren Oshana, 573-6710
  • ULAR, 220 South 40th St., Mary Jo Daley, 230 898-4902
  • Radiation Oncology (PCAM), 2 West 34 & Civic Center, Erika Brown, 215-662-3147
  • TRL, Suite 2000 125 S. 31st Street, Kelly Reynolds, 746-8936

Instrument Drive for the Lea Orchestra
Do you have any instruments you would like to donate to a worthy cause? Lea Community School, West Philadelphia Coalition for Neighborhood Schools and Penn Band are kicking off an Instrument Drive for the Lea Orchestra. Your donations of no-longer needed instruments would be greatly appreciated!

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