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Tuesday, January 22, 2013
On the Front Page:
  • Dean of Penn Arts & Sciences: Steven Fluharty
  • Penn Dental Medicine's Chauncey Egel Endowed Professor: Henry Daniell

  • Council Agenda: January 30, 2013

  • Deaths:
  • Dr. Engs, History
  • Dr. Mann, Physics

    Other News:
  • Legal Writing Dean: Eleanor Barrett
  • Penn Dental Medicine's State-of-the-Art Endodontic Clinic
  • Bring a Policy Maker to Class Funds: Penn Social Science and Policy Forum
  • Guatemala-Penn Partners Pilot Funding Now Available
  • Research Roundup
  • Big Data, Big Collaboration: ISC Offers Penn Researchers High-Performance Networking Services and Collaboration Tools
  • Talk About Teaching and Learning: Learning Technology by Lyle Ungar

    Human Resources:
  • Tools to Meet Your Hiring Needs
  • Simple Steps to Verify Your Employment
  • Protect Yourself from the Flu and Other Viruses

  • Bulletins:
  • 2013 Summer Programs at Penn
  • Call for College House Fellows
  • got envelopes?
  • Update: January AT PENN
  • CrimeStats

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    Almanac - January 22, 2013, Vol. 59, No. 18