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  Additional Contacts    
  The following is a list of additional telephone numbers to call for information or for reporting non-compliant activity:  
  Health Care Billing Compliance Hotlines
      Information Line: 215-349-5423
Department of Patient Accounting/Billing Compliance maintains an information line to answer faculty/staff questions prior to submission of bill

Reporting Line: 215-349-5422
Any individual who becomes aware of a billing matter that should be reviewed can call confidentially and anonymously
  Office of General Counsel
      General Number: 215-746-5200
Senior Counsel for Compliance is available to assist with compliance issues/questions confidentially

Office of the Vice Provost for Research


General Number: 215-573-4092

      Research Compliance Officer assists faculty and staff with issues and questions involving research    
  School of Medicine Office of Research Compliance and Integrity    
      General Number: 215-573-8801    

Executive Director is available to handle compliance questions or concerns involving the School of Medicine

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