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This page contains highlights from our "B.E.N.@PENN" participating entities. More comprehensive listings may be found on their individual home pages.

On-going Seminar Series:

CBS Computational Biology Seminars
CIS Computer and Information Science Colloquia
CM Condensed-Matter Physics Seminar Series
IEM Institute for Environmental Medicine Seminars
IME The Institute for Medicine & Engineering (IME) Seminars
PBF Penn Bioinformatic Forum
PMI Pennsylvania Muscle Institute Seminar Schedule
SEAS Nanometer Scale Phenomena in Science and Engineering


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Special Lectures and Retreats:


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Submit an Event

If you wish to provide us with the web site of your seminar series/special talks etc. or if you would like to inform us of any changes, additional seminars etc., please email the event's URL or information (attachments are acceptable) to:
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    • Date and Time
    • Location
    • Title, Speaker, Topic, etc.
    • Sponsoring Entity


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