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3-yr Academic Calendar
 PENN CALENDAR HELP Show All Events     Alumni

The Penn Calendar is organized around four views: day, week, month, and year. These links are always visible at the upper left of the screen. The currently active view is displayed in the red status bar above the event listings.

By default the calendar displays events across all categories for the view (day, week, month, year) you select. The words 'all events' appear at the right in the red status bar.

If you search by a category, school, student-sponsored events, or advanced search criterion, the resulting events will be presented in the same view from which you started (day, week, etc.). The search criterion (for example, the category Performing Arts) appears at the right in the status bar.

Once you have selected a search criterion, you may change views and you will still see only events matching that criterion. If, for example, you select Performing Arts for today and find no events, you can check for Performing Arts events for rest of the month by simply clicking on 'month'.

To release the search criterion and return to a presentation showing all events for the active view, click on 'All Events' at the lower left.

If you are a prospective provider or currently are an authorized provider and you have questions about the submission process, please refer to the provider Frequently Asked Questions page.

Day View

By default the day view for the current day is shown. To see the day view for another day, click on that day in the small calendar array at left. The default day view for the current day shows only those events which have not yet concluded or are upcoming. To see completed events, click on "Show events from earlier today" just below the red status bar. Note that the default day view for days other than the current day shows all events scheduled for that day.

Week View

By default the week view displays the current week. If you select a specific day from the small calendar and then click on 'week', you will see the week in which that day appears.

Within the week view, you can see all events for a specific day by clicking on the listing for that day. To see the events in a specific category for that day, click on the category name (the appended number indicates how many events in that category occur on that day). Note that once you click on the category name, that category will stay active, regardless of which view you select, until you click on 'All Events'.

Month View

The default month view presents an array of dates (in columns) on which events occur in each category (in rows). The dates are divided into weeks (gray column backgrounds indicate weekends) for easier scanning. Clicking on a date in a category row takes you to a day view showing events on that day for that category only. Click on 'All Events' to release the category search criterion.

To see all the month's events in list form, click on the name of the month at the top of the left column. (Note: This may be an extremely long list.) To see a list of the month's events in a specific category, click on that category's name in the left column. Remember to click on 'All Events' to release the category search criterion.

Year View

The year view presents dates arranged in small monthly arrays. Those dates on which events are scheduled appear as blue links. Click on any date to see the day view for that date. If you choose the 'week' or 'month' view from the day view, you will see the week or month in which that date appears. You can specify a search criterion, such as an event category, from within the year view. If you do, only dates with events in that category will show as active links. Remember to click on 'All Events' to release the category search criterion.

Month List View

The month list view (available through the My View feature or at the upper left of the month view array) presents a listing of all events occurring on the current (or specified) day and the next 30 days.

Long List View

The long list presents a listing of all events occuring on the current (or specified) day and all future days for which events have been posted.

Selecting a Month

By default, the current and coming month will be displayed in the small calendar arrays at the left of the screen. To display a future month, choose from the 'Change Month' pop-up menu just above the 'Search by' plaque.

Public and private events

All event listings on the Penn Calendar are intended to be public knowledge, though some may publish restrictions on attendance. Individual organizations may create and use custom views of the Penn Calendar that include event listings not intended for general distribution. Access to these "private" event listings is typically provided through a link on the listing organization's web site. Because of the high volume of Athletics and Recreation activities, the Penn Calendar's default view only shows athletic games and other major events. To view the full list of these activities, select the 'Sports/rec' category search.

Navigation Arrows

The arrows on either side of the date at the top of the screen allow you to move forward or back in time by one unit, according to which view is active. For instance, if the year view is active, click on the left arrow to see the previous year's display; if the day view is active, click an arrow to see the previous or coming day's events.

Student-Sponsored Events

While the searchable categories are mutually exclusive (that is, an event can be listed as either Academic or Performing Arts, but not both), the 'Student-sponsored' criterion retrieves events across all categories.

School Events

Events specified by their providers as being affiliated with a particular School are retrieved using the 'School' search criterion.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search query form allows you to search for events using a term or combination of terms. The search criterion will return matches if the term or terms appear in any part of the event's entry. For example, a search on 'Annenberg Center' will return events with these words in the event's title, description, location, or any other field.

My View: Instructions for creating a custom view of the Penn Calendar

The My View feature lets you assemble your own filtered view of the Calendar that includes only events from the categories, owners (sponsoring organizations), and Schools you choose. Any time you log on to the calendar from the browser and computer you used to create the custom view, you can launch it by clicking on 'My View' at the lower left of any Calendar page. Once in your custom view, you can always return to the default view by clicking on 'All events' in the status bar at the upper right of any Calendar page.

Begin by selecting one or more entries from the selection boxes.

For example, to create a view that includes both Kelly Writer's House and Arts House events:

  1. Select 'Arts House' from 'Select Owner(s):'.
  2. Select 'Kelly Writer's House.'
  3. Click on the 'Save My View:' button to store your selections.
You can mix criteria in creating your custom view. If you select more than one entry within a selection box, your view will include the combined events from both entries, as in the example of owners above. If you select two Schools, you'll see events from both.

If you select entries from more than one selection box, your view will only include the events that meet both criteria. For example, to create a view that includes only the literary events posted by the English Department, Kelly Writer's House, or La Casa Latina:

  1. First select 'Literary' from the 'Select Category(s):' box.
  2. Select 'English Department' from 'Select Owner(s):'.
  3. Select 'Kelley Writer's House,' and then 'La Casa Latina.'
  4. Click on the 'Save My View' button.
Advanced users may want to further refine their selections by using a search for specific keywords. Be careful if you employ this criterion. An event description may include the word even when it does not reflect the main purpose of the event, so your view may contain some unexpected events.

The 'Keyword(s)' criterion retrieves only those events containing your specified word that also meet your other selection criteria.

When you have completed selecting your criteria, choose a display format from the 'Display Format:' options. The most convenient format will depend on how many events you expect your criteria to generate.

Click on the 'Save My View:' button to store your selections.

Selecting Multiple Fields

  • PC users: Hold down the Control key to select or deselect more than one field.
  • Mac users: Hold down the Command (Apple) key to select more than one field.
  • X-term users: Click on the fields to select or deselect more than one field.

My View Troubleshooting Guide

  • Enabling cookies

    You must have cookies enabled in your web browser in order to use the My View feature of the Penn Calendar. Most major web browsers have cookies enabled by default. If your web browser does not have cookies enabled, follow these instructions.:


    Select Edit->Preferences
    Click on Advanced
    Click 'Accept All Cookies'
    Click OK

    Internet Explorer

    Select Explorer->Preferences
    Click on 'Cookies'
    From 'When receiving cookies:' select 'Never ask'

    If following this procedure does not allow you to save your My View selections, you may have a third party application that is preventing you from receiving cookies. If you are a Penn affiliate, please contact your Local Support Provider for assistance.

  • I am an event provider My View is not available when I have logged in using my PennNet ID and password.
    This is normal. My View is not available from the authentication page or the first page that displays after login. If you want to submit or edit events in your filtered view, click first on 'Add a new event' and My View will then be available from the resulting page.

  • My View fails to save my preferences.
    Check to make sure that you are clicking on 'Save My View'. Also check that your web browser has cookies "enabled". Some third party security programs may prevent you from using cookies on the Penn Calendar. For more information about cookies please view the Unofficial Cookie FAQ.

  • I can retrieve My View from my home computer, but when I use another computer My View does not work.
    My View stores your preferences on the computer that you used to make/edit your My View. You will be unable to retrieve your preferences unless you are using that computer.

  • How do I remove My View from the computer I'm using?
    From the 'Edit My View' page, click on 'Remove My View.'
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