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Penn Student Organizations

Penn students pursue their faith and fellowship within a wide variety of student organizations.
For more information please follow the links to each organizational website or contact our office.

Organizations are grouped by faith tradition and listed alphabetically.

Scroll down to browse the full list of groups below or sort by faith tradition:


Penn Baha'i Association

Student Contacts: Sam Murray

The Penn Baha'i Association aims to unite members of the Baha'i faith and students of all faiths on Penn's campus in order to promote the  ideals of the oneness of humanity and unity among the world's religions. Study circles, devotional gatherings, and community service projects form the core activities through which the Association works toward this goal. 



Soka Bodhisattvas

Student Contact: Brendon Tan, Sonal Ektaa
Staff Contact: Eva Davis

Soka Bodhisattvas is a student organization contributing to the creation of a culture of peace and nonviolence based on the teachings of the Nichiren school of Mahayana Buddhism as practiced in the Soka Gakkai International-USA (SGI-USA). This group aims to help students unlock their hidden potential and achieve creative harmony with their environment through the philosophy and practice of Nichiren Buddhism.



Adventist Students for Christ

Student Contact: Jonathan Allsop

Adventist Students for Christ is campus group that focuses on understanding the Bible in weekly discussions and developing strong relationships with other fellow Christians. We meet every Friday night for Bible study and fellowship (with snacks included of course). Throughout the semester we do tennis socials, dinners, conferences, and more. You also do not have to be Seventh-Day Adventist to be a member of our group. Several of our members are not, but what we all have in common is that we love to have fun, and we love the Lord.

Asian Baptist Fellowship

Staff Contact: James Won
Student Contact:

Asian Baptist Fellowship (ABF) is a campus group committed to studying the Word of God and building Christ-centered relationships. We strive to learn more about God through the Bible and share God's love with all in the Penn community.  All are welcome to join us on Friday nights for thought-provoking Bible studies, food, fun and fellowship. 

ABF is the college ministry of Philadelphia Mission Baptist Church (PMBC)

BASIC (Baptist Campus Ministry)

Chi Alpha Penn

Staff Contacts: Dr. Philip and Valerie McLeod

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania is a body of students earnestly following Jesus, who come together to worship our amazing God, to learn His Word and be discipled, to encourage one another and pray, and to have fun making friendships that will last a lifetime.  Even though our name is Greek, we're not a fraternity or sorority.  However, if you're looking for brothers and sisters, you've come to the right place!

Chi Alpha is sponsored by the Assemblies of God with over 300 chapters throughout the United States.

The Christian Association

Staff Contacts: Megan LeCluyse, Rob Gurnee                
Student Contacts: Alyssa Kaplan, Geeta Aneja

The CA is a welcoming community where students are invited to explore their faith and what it means for their lives. We are a home away from home for students, a place to come if you are looking for an intense discussion, somewhere to study or hand out, a chill worship, or just a home-cooked meal.

Christian Students @ Penn

Staff contact: Phil Johnsen
Student contact: Andrew Chen, Connie Chen

We are the Penn chapter of Philly Christian Students, an association of undergraduate and graduate-student believers in Christ from diverse backgrounds at Penn, Temple, Drexel, Villanova, and other Philadelphia-area college campuses. We seek to help believers to grow in their Christian life and to help non-Christians understand what it means to be a Christian. Our goal is to cooperate with God for the fulfillment of His eternal purpose to have an expression and represention of Himself on the earth (Eph. 3:8-12).

Christian Students @ Penn is affiliated with Philly Christian Students and receives support from a local congregation, the church in Philadelphia.

Episcopal Campus Ministry at Penn

Staff Contacts: The Rev. Mariclair Partee Carlsen            
Student Contacts: Scott Danielsen, Allie Schreffler

The Episcopal Campus Ministry at Penn is a resource and a home for students at the University of Pennsylvania who are interested in the Anglican approach to faith, life, and community informed by scripture, tradition, and reason. Sponsored by, and housed in, St. Mary's Episcopal Church located at 3916 Locust Walk (next door to Civic House), we are guided by the commandment to love God and love our neighbor.  Our Sunday 11AM mass is a traditional, Anglo-Catholic worship service with choir, and our Sunday Supper service (1st and 3rd Sundays of the month at 6PM) for undergraduate and graduate students takes place around the dinner table, in the context of a meal we prepare together. When we say all are welcome at St. Mary's, we mean it- we strive to be inclusive, diverse, and inviting no matter who you are or where you are in your journey of faith.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Action

Student Contacts: Lauren Hammond, Taylor Smith

As a community of athletes, we strive to grow in our faith both on and off the field, learning how God can become an integral part of our sport and our ever day lives. Anyone interested in sports is welcome to join!

Affiliated with Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and Athletes in Action (AIA)

Full Measure A Cappella

Student Contacts: John Kim, Dylan Tracy           

As Penn's first and only Christian a cappella group, we hope to be inspired by the Holy Spirit to spread the Gospel on campus and the West Philadelphia area. In acknowledgment and celebration of God’s sovereignty, we seek to worshipfully compel others to know Jesus more through music and our lives.

Grace Fellowship - (the Cantonese speaking student group of the Chinese Christian Church & Center)

Greek Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Harvest Christian Fellowship

Student Contact: Jason Kong, Amy Tang       

Harvest Christian Fellowship is a community of students that desires to help one another grow to become kingdom workers transformed by Christ to influence the world. At the heart of our community is a network of "family groups": small group settings where honest friendships, Bible study, constant prayer, and compassionate care are emphasized. Family groups meet once a week Monday through Thursday evenings.

Harvest Christian Fellowship is the student ministry of Grace Covenant Church

Intercultural Friends             

Staff Contact: Sarah Mitchell, Roger Converse        
Student Contact:                                   

We bring together students, researchers, and their families from any country, culture, or religion for the purpose of friendship, learning, and spiritual support. We offer free English chats, Bible discussions for internationals from any faith, multi-national discussions forums, social activities, and holiday celebrations with Americans.

We are associated with Penn Graduate Christian Fellowship (PGCF) locally and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship USA nationally

International Students Inc. (ISI)

Staff Contacts: Lyn Newbrander, Tim Newbrander

ISI Philly is a Christian organization that, beginning January 2013, will offer international students: Friendships with American families, Special activities (cultural, social, recreational), ESL opportunities, Discussions about the Bible,   Small group gatherings. ISI Philly welcomes any student, regardless of race, nationality, or religious preference.

ISI Philly is affiliated with International Students, Inc.                               

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Staff Contacts: Nate Lo
Student Contacts:

Intervarsity is a community of Christian students seeking to create and facilitate relationships between people and Jesus. We seek growth through scripture study, prayer, and weekly small and large group meetings. We desire to allow Jesus to shape and guide our lives as we live together and individually in class, sports, music, arts, work, and the rest of our lives. Anyone is welcome to join us, regardless of faith background.

Affiliated with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA

Jiayin Christian Fellowship

Student Contacts: Xiao Ji

Jiayin Christian Fellowship is one of several graduate student Christian Fellowships of the University City Chinese Christian Church that regularly meets in West Philadelphia (currently at 4420 Pine Street).  Every Friday evening, 12-15 graduate (or recently graduated) students of Univ. of Penn or Drexel University meet as a fellowship. We study the Bible together as well as hold lively discussion of topics that relates to our daily Christ-Center living.  Many students who seek to find out more of the Christian faith come and find our fellowship discussion stimulating and our relationship genuine. Please contact us if you would like to join our group!

Affiliated with the University City Chinese Christian Church

Latter Day Saints Student Association

Student Contacts: Joanna Arbaroa

The UPenn Latter-Day Saints Student Association (LDSSA) exists to serve the friends and members of The Church Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who are a part of the University of Pennsylvania Community. The club seeks to foster friendships and promote faith through weekly scripture study, social events, and inter-collegiate conferences.

Affiliated with the LDS Philadelphia 3rd YSA Ward at 39th & Chestnut

Living Water Christian Fellowship - (the English speaking student fellowship of the Chinese Christian Church & Center)

Lutheran Campus Ministry

Staff Contacts: Rev. L. George Detweiler
Student Contacts: James Stanton

Lutheran Campus Ministry, hosted by University Lutheran Church, is a ministry for students, faculty, staff and others on campus and in the community, and is not just a ministry for Lutherans. LCM hosts both weekly and monthly events for students and young adults and we invite students to attend our Sunday morning worship.

University Lutheran Church is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and is an official Campus Ministry of the ELCA.

New Spirit of Penn Gospel Choir

Student Contact: Synae Lee, Taylor Blackston

As a group focused on ministry, the New Spirit of Penn Gospel Choir seeks to spread the word of the Lord through song and help to serve as a catalyst for change in the spiritual lives of those affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania, as well as in the surrounding communities. The choir meets twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays,  from 8 to 10 pm in ARCH Auditorium. The choir has open rehearsals and auditions are not required!

Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF)       

Staff Contacts: Fr. Matthew Cantrell, Fr. Mark Koczak

The Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) meets weekly on campus. Our mission is to provide all students engagement with the ancient Christian faith.  The OCF is student led with Orthodox clergy advising.  Our weekly activities include among other things prayer, discussion, and fellowship.

OCF is affiliated with the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas

Penn Catholic Students Association

Student Contact: Ana Bautista

The Penn Catholic Student Association was founded to offer students a university-sponsored forum to meet other Catholics and live their faith through service to the community. With the help of Fox Leadership's Faith and Service Partnership, we are committed to Catholic social teaching through service to Penn, West Philadelphia, and the global community.

Penn Cru

Staff Contact: Andy Young
Student Contact: Alyssa Navarro

Penn Cru seeks to be a movement that invites students and faculty to embrace Christ personally, experience Him together, and enter into His mission. We are Penn Cru, the local chapter of Cru at the University of Pennsylvania. We long to see the day when every student and faculty member at Penn knows someone else who truly follows Jesus.

Penn Faith and Action

Staff Contacts: Justin Mills, John Cunningham
Student Contact: Roy Lan

Penn Faith and Action is a gospel-centered community that welcomes students from all backgrounds. Our ministry emphasizes leadership development, rigorous study of scripture, social justice and active involvement in campus and community life. We encourage every student to pursue their calling as servant, disciple and leader, growing in the likeness and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Penn Faith and Action is resourced by Christian Union.   

Penn for Jesus

Staff contact: Michael Hu
Student contact: Micah Sandusky

Penn for Jesus forges partnerships in prayer to build missional communities that transform college campuses with the Gospel of Jesus.  At the University of Pennsylvania, we function as a coalition group for Christ-centered organizations.

Affiliated with Campus Renewal Ministries

Penn Graduate Christian Fellowship

Staff Contact: Sarah Mitchell                                               
Student Contacts: Teresa Pegors, Nathan VandeBurgt     

PGCF is a heterogeneous community of University of Pennsylvania graduate students growing in our understanding of God through Christ and His revealed Word, living integrated Christ-transformed lives, and inviting others to know Him.  We have weekly prayer, worship, small group Bible discussion, and occasional social events. 

We are affiliated with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship USA

Penn Newman Catholic Ministry

Staff Contacts: Jeff Klein, Ricardo Simmonds                    
Student Contacts: Elizabeth Feeney, James Fangmeyer 

The Penn Newman Catholic Ministry is the Roman Catholic Church's presence on Penn's campus.  Penn Newman offers a variety of social, spiritual, and service opportunities. All Penn students are welcome to participate. 

Penn Newman is affiliated with Sts. Agatha & James Parish in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia.        

Philly Bridges

Staff Contact: Dave Brindley

Philly Bridge exists to serve you as an international students in our community. We do that through... Service: Providing you with valuable services that meet your tangible needs. Social: Providing social networking opportunities to get to know other Americans and fellow international students. Spiritual Resource: Providing you with opportunities to learn about Christianity and the Bible.

Philly Bridges is part of Bridges International

Queer Christian Fellowship

Student contact: Andre Rosario
Staff contact: Megan LeCluyse

Group description: The Queer Christian Fellowship is a supportive community for LGBT Christians and allies who want to talk more about faith and sexuality. QCF aims to be an open space where all people can learn. You don’t have to be queer or even out, and you don't have to know everything about being LGBT or about being a person of faith. Our meetings will include group discussions about scripture and current events, as well as social gatherings on campus and around Philadelphia.

Affiliated with the Christian Association

Renewal College Fellowship

Staff Contact: Dan Whang
Student Contacts: John Zeng

The mission of Renewal College Fellowship (RCF) is for every individual to experience the gospel of the life-changing grace of Jesus Christ within a caring Christian community. Our hope is that you would be able grow in Christ and find a community that encourages you on your spiritual journey.

RCF is the college ministry of Renewal Presbyterian Church

Wharton Christian Fellowship

Whitefield Society

Staff Contact: Michael Chen
Student Contacts: Allison Wattenbarger, Elise Taylor

Whitefield Society exists to promote the integration of faith, learning, and service at the University of Pennsylvania. To that end we are a discipleship community that meets to develop the notion of a Christian worldview & missional life style that engages the whole person in our context. Through shared reading, prayer, mentoring, and study the Whitefield Society endeavors to grow in the knowledge of Scripture, a Christian worldview, and better grasp God’s missional heart for the unique context of the University of Pennsylvania.

Whitefield Society is affiliated with City Church & CCO (Coalition for Christian Outreach)



Hindu Student Council/Young Jains of America

Staff Contact: Deven Patel
Student Contacts: Neel Koyawala, Gowri Nayar

Penn HSC/YJA was started in 1999 to increase awareness about Hinduism and Jainism. In the last decade, we have expanded rapidly on the national scene to become one of the most active chapters in the nation. HSC's main events include Garba, Diwali, Saraswati Puja, and Hindu Jain Awareness Week along with many weekly activities.          

We are affiliated with the OmKar foundation which helps college organizations with religious and prayer services.



The Faith Fund

Student Contacts: Ahmed Yousaf, Sam Murray

The Faith Fund committee is a group of committed religious student leaders who work to provide funding and programming support for activities that consider religious and spiritual themes and non-event based support for religious and spiritual organizations. Religious and non-religious Penn student organizations are eligible to apply for event funding.

Penn Jews & Muslims (Penn JAM)

Student Contact: Dahlia Kenawy

The purpose of Penn Jews and Muslims (Penn JAM) is to build ties and bridge the gaps between the Jewish and Muslim communities on the Penn campus. Its main goals are to create meaningful and lasting friendships between group members and to build on the principles of diversity and religious pluralism through dialogue and social gatherings. Though the group targets mainly Jewish and Muslim students, everyone is invited and encouraged to attend events and become involved with the organization.

PRISM - Programs in Religion, Interfaith, and Spirituality Matters

Student Contacts: Josh Chilcote, Shira Papir

PRISM is Penn's religious umbrella group. We work with individual groups to promote religious life at Penn while also encouraging interfaith dialogue. We plan regular interfaith service and dialogue projects and through the Faith Fund we provide funding for religious events on campus.




Hillel at the University of Pennsylvania

Staff Contact: Rabbi Mike Uram                                                        
Student Contacts: Alon Krifcher, Gabriella Meltzer

Hillel at the University of Pennsylvania is the umbrella organization for Jewish life on campus.  We encompass many religious, educational, social, cultural, Israel advocacy, and other groups that allow students to explore and create their own Jewish experiences on campus.  Our lively, fun community is comprised primarily of Penn undergraduates, but we also have a group for graduate students and young professionals and we welcome students from Drexel, Temple, and other Philadelphia-area schools.

We are affiliated with the national and regional branches of Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Life on Campus.

Conservative Jewish Community at Penn

Staff Contacts: Rachel Hollander
Student Contacts: Elena Leib, Jeremy Danziger

The Conservative Jewish Community at Penn offers social, educational and religious opportunities for the Penn community. CJC holds Shabbat services every Friday night and Saturday morning that are filled with upbeat melodies and singing. In addition, we foster a welcoming community and organize events such as informal learning, exciting speakers, social gatherings and delicious dinners.

Affiliated with Penn Hillel

Hillel's Jewish Graduate Student Network     

Staff Contact: Tslil Shtulsaft

The Jewish Graduate Student Network, a program of Hillel of Greater Philadelphia, serves all of the Jewish graduate and professional students in the Philadelphia area through campus-based and city-wide events. The Grad Network offers a wide range of social, educational, cultural, and religious programs, as well as career development and community service opportunities.  The Grad Network offers extensive programming for Penn students as well as opportunities for Penn students to meet their peers at other universities.

Affiliated with Penn Hillel


Staff Contact: Ira Blum
Student Contacts: Ian Fiedler

J-Bagel is a Philadelphia-wide student group dedicated to serving members of the LGBTQAI (Lesbian, Bisexual, Transexual/Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Ally, Intersex) community. J-Bagel runs events for the Jewish and/or LGBTQAI community, including social gatherings, panel discussions, and Shabbat dinners. J-Bagel keeps an active online listserv where privacy is deeply respected.

Affiliated with Penn Hillel

Jewish Renaissance Project (JRP)

Staff Contact: Rabbi Josh Bolton, Emily S. Kaplan

The Jewish Renaissance Project is about you, your interests, your friends, and your Jewish identity! JRP is an alternative choice for Penn students who want to figure out what Judaism means in a sophisticated and intellectually open way with other people who look and talk just like you.  JRP programs are diverse (with different designs for freshmen, Greeks, those who live off-campus and everyone else in between) and cover any way that you could want to explore your Judaism. 

Affiliated with Penn Hillel

Orthodox Community at Penn

Staff Contacts: Rabbi Yaakov Taubes, Mrs. Racheli Taubes             
Student Contacts: Daniel Raikin, Aaron Senior

The Orthodox Community at Penn is one of the most active and vibrant student groups of Orthodox Jews in the country! Join us for daily events, classes, and services - or just come chat in the kosher dining hall at Hillel (Steinhardt Hall, 39th and Locust).

Affiliated with Penn Hillel

Penn Hillel Tzedek Social Justice

Staff Contact: Ira Blum
Student Contacts: Aliza Caplan, Ariana Schanzer

Tzedek Social Justice (TSJ), is Hillel's community service and advocacy group on campus. Framed by the Jewish imperatives of tzedakah (righteousness), gemilut chasadim (acts of loving-kindness), and tikun olam (repairing the world), Penn Hillel TSJ is committed to engaging and empowering students in meaningful public service both on and off campus and encouraging creative Jewish thinking about social justice issues. Some of our annual events include Mitzvah Day, Adopt-a-Family Drive and Relay for Life.

Affiliated with Penn Hillel

Reform Jewish Community

Staff Contact: Ira Blum
Student Contacts: Jacob Ruden, Emily Cutler

RJC is Penn's Reform Jewish Community, providing a spiritual, social, and religious home for Reform Jews on campus. If you are interested in musical and creative Shabbat services, warm and welcoming social events and dinners, or opportunities to learn more about Judaism, let us know!

Affiliated with Penn Hillel

Shabbatones - (Jewish A Capella)

Student Contact: Sarah Beckoff, Adina Goldstein

The Shabbatones always put on a great show. Having toured London, California, Florida and Boston, they have brought their a capella delight far and wide. With a repertoire of popular Israeli, American and Jewish songs, the Shabbatones' music appeals to a wide group of people. So make sure to keep an eye out for this fantastic group as they rock their vocals all over campus.

Shira Chadasha

Student Contacts: Joe Step, Daniel Blas, Michale Goldberger

Shira Chadasha is a community which strives to provide Penn’s Jewish student body with spirited and inclusive prayer opportunities. We offer a traditional service that promotes the maximum participation of females and males within a halachik framework. Meeting throughout the semester, Shira Chadasha hosts lively Friday Night and Shabbat day services attended by a diverse group of students from throughout the Penn Hillel community. Shira Chadasha aims to increase awareness and discussion of issues related to prayer and spirituality, gender roles and Jewish Law, and the fostering of inclusivity in our Jewish communities.

Affiliated with Penn Hillel

Lubavitch House at Penn (Chabad)

Staff Contacts: Rabbi Ephraim Levin, Rabi Levi Haskelevich
Student Contacts: Logan Chipkin, Leeor Shimron

Lubavitch House, a branch of Chabad on Campus, creates an open and welcoming environment for students of all backgrounds and affiliations, to celebrate and explore their heritage. Our goal is to provide students a warm and non-judgmental space to participate in a variety of expressions of Jewish life: Educational classes, religious celebrations and holidays, community service and social programming. We strive to be the place where "every Jew is family."

Meor Maimonides of Greater Philadelphia

Staff Contacts: Rabbi Shmuel Lynn, Yoni Spinka

MEOR Means Illumination. Light reveals and inspires. Light expands vision and uncovers new realities. MEOR is dedicated to illuminating lives with Jewish light. We hope to create a vibrant Jewish future led by a new generation of Jewish students who are; literate in Jewish wisdom, culture, and heritage; instilled with a deep personal identity that inspires commitment to Jewish values; empowered and actively engaged in Jewish community and support of Israel.

We are affiliated with the national branch of Meor, located in NYC.



Mindfulness @ Penn



Muslim Students Association

Staff Contact: Kameelah Mu’Min Rashad                                                
Student Contact: Menvekeh Daramay                                            

We seek to create an inclusive and engaging environment for those on Penn's campus who are interested in Islam. Through diverse programming, we aim to positively contribute to the social, professional, religious, and spiritual development of our members, and to collectively give back to the broader Penn and West Philadelphia communities. Additionally, our campus minister  provides religious, spiritual and pastoral guidance and counseling to Muslims at Penn in order to enrich their experience while here.



Penn Secular Society

Student Contact: Tanner Haldeman

Penn Secular Society aims to foster community among the irreligious, provide a haven wherein members may discuss philosophy, theology, secularism, religion, and related topics, and encourage the Penn community to think critically about their beliefs.

Affiliate of the Secular Student Alliance, and a member of the Philadelphia Coalition of Reason



Penn Sikh Organization

Staff Contact: Amrit Gahunia 
Student Contact: Kamaljit Gill 

The Penn Sikh Organization (PSO) aims to foster greater awareness of Sikh values and tradition. The organization offers members the opportunity to learn more about the religion. In addition, it gives them the option to share this knowledge and the history of Sikhism with the greater Penn community through interfaith events.   



Penn Students of AMF - (AMF - Actively Moving Forward a support group for students coping with illness or death of loved ones)