Mailing of Diplomas

The following schools will distribute their diplomas at their graduation ceremonies:

School of Dental Medicine
Law School
Perelman School of Medicine – all, except the Master of Bioethics
School of Veterinary Medicine
The Wharton School – only Executive MBA Program

All other diplomas will be mailed in July via first-class mail if your degree has been granted and if you are in good financial standing. You can confirm that your degree has been posted by logging into PennInTouch. If your degree has not been posted, you should contact your school. To arrange expedited mailing or to pick up your diploma, please email seccoor@exchange.upenn.edu or call 215-898-7369 prior to June 15.

Diplomas will only be mailed to the permanent or temporary address listed in PennInTouch. The registered local address will not be used. If you are requesting that your diploma be mailed to your temporary address, please note that the temporary address should begin no later than June 15 and end no earlier than August 15. The temporary address must be updated no later than June 15. Failure to update the temporary address prior to the June 15 will result in the diploma being mailed to the permanent address.

Visit the Office of the University Secretary's Diploma Website for additional information.

Diploma Frames
For the latest selection of diploma frames, please visit the Penn Bookstore.