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MVS 5.2.2 Upgrade

In March 1998 the administrative mainframe will be upgraded from IBM's MVS/ESA V3.1.3 to MVS/ESA V5.2.2. The IBM operating system upgrade includes 21st century compatibility and enhanced performance management features. In addition to the IBM upgrade, new versions of many third-party (non-IBM) software products will be installed. All third-party upgrades were required as a result of the new version of MVS/ESA.

There are four mandated JCL changes. Please review the document "JCL Modifications" for detailed explanations and examples.

New:   There are now jobs available to automate the JCL changes.

If you use TSO/ISPF, you'll want to execute the instructions in the document "TSO/ISPF Features and Setup Instructions" to become familiar with new features and functions, as well as the ISC recommended configuration.

A listing of products on the administrative mainframe, detailing which will be upgraded, is also available. Be aware that although there are new versions for five programming languages (COBOL, PLI, FORTRAN, and Assembler) no new compiles or load modules are required.

If you have questions about the MVS upgrade, please call our help line at 898-1099.

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