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Sharing and Collaboration Files and Folders

Sharing vs. collaborating

You can share folder contents or specific files with people from directly within Box, or by copying a URL provided by Box and pasting it into an email message. "Sharing" will allow a person who has permission to access a file or folder to view and, if their role permits it, download contents of a folder or a specific a file. However, they will not be able to make changes to the contents of the folder, nor will they be able to upload new or revised content.

Only certain collaborator roles have additional privileges to change and create new content within a folder or upload revisions to a file.

You can also disable the sharing of content to ensure that content is only accessible to the people you list as collaborators.

A person must have at least "previewer" permission to a file or folder to view it. A person who has no collaboration permissions Leaving website on a file or folder will not be able to view the folder or file when you send a share link to him or her.

Private folders vs. collaboration folders

Box will provide a set of options once a folder has been created. By default, any folder you create without collaborators will be visible only to you, in your File list within Box. At the time you create a folder you can choose to mark it private, or invite collaborators. "Private" simply means that the folder currently doesn't have any collaborators. The behavior and privacy of the folder will be identical whether you mark the folder private at the onset or will appear as a yellow folder in your listing, and the folder will only be visible to you. Sharing is on by default at the time you create a folder.

You can invite collaborators Leaving website to your folder at the time of creation, or you can change a private folder to a collaboration folder at any time after the folder has been created.

Sharing Off

Redundant Folder Names

Because each an individual's Penn+Box account is self-contained you may on occassion have 2 or more folders listed in your "All Files" listing that share the same name. For example, you may have a private folder called "Billing" to which you save information about account billing specifc to your work. You may also be a collaborator on a group folder named "Billing" that is owned by your group's Business Administrator.

To avoid confusion send links Leaving website to be certain collaborators are looking for materials in the right folder.


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