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Collaboration Tips for Penn+Box

Invite your team members to create an account on Penn+Box before inviting them to collaborate on a folder

To ensure that collaborators who are eligible to use the Penn+Box service create an account on Penn's service instead of the consumer service, invite your team members to create an account on Penn+Box prior to inviting them to collaborate on your folder. Send them a link to instructions for "Getting Started with Penn+Box" via email to walk them through the process.

Add your fully qualified email address to your Penn+Box account

While the Penn+Box service requires accounts to be formatted as, if you use an email address formatted as, you should register that additional email address on your account.

Registration of additional email addresses is not automatic. Individuals who use fully qualified email addresses must register their email address on their Penn+Box account. Subsequently, they must make the new email address the primary address for the account. Instructions for registering a 2nd email address and making it the primary address on a Box account can be found at: Leaving website

Upon completing these steps, service generated messages and collaboration invitations will be sent to your fully qualified email address, and links sent to fully qualified email addresses will be associated with the correct account in Box.

Smart Links

Box allows you to set or restrict access Leaving website to files and folders you share using a shared link.

Only allow key collaborators to have access to your top-level folders.

Box's file permissions cascade from the top-level folder to folders hosted within each folder. To control access, limit collaborators on your top-level folders to 2 a Co-Owner Leaving website, and an Editor Leaving website. By setting a Co-Owner to any folder you own to provide seamless folder administration in your absence.

Additional collaborators can be invited to join, and thereby access, sub-folders hosted within your top folders. By setting a Co-Owner to any folder you own to provide seamless folder administration in your absence.

Lock files when you are editing them

To prevent other collaborators from downloading and editing a document while you're working on it, be sure to lock the file Leaving website prior to editing it.

Assign user roles based on the functional needs of each collaborator

Penn+Box provides a broad range of collaboration permissions. To limit the risk of documents being edited in parallel your collaboration folder should have a limited number of "Editors"since Editors can unlock a file that has been locked by another user. The bulk of your collaborators should be given "Viewer-Uploader" permissions (or less) to provide a robust set of permissions for managing content without administrative permissions. See "What are the different collaboration permissions and what access do they provide?" Leaving website for a complete listing and explanation of permission levels.

Avoid duplicate files and folders

To consolidate content into a single folder when duplicate folders of the same name exist, open the folder that you'll ultimately remove, then select the checkbox next to each document you want to move. Box will automatically display a small window with a set of options above the folder's file listing. Select Move/Copy Leaving website from the menu, then navigate to the folder to which you want to move the files.

Box will offer you a discrete option to Move or Copy the files once you select the target folder.

Redundant Folder Names

Because each an individual's Penn+Box account is self-contained you may on occassion have 2 or more folders listed in your "All Files" listing that share the same name. For example, you may have a private folder called "Billing" to which you save information about account billing specifc to your work. You may also be a collaborator on a group folder named "Billing" that is owned by your group's Business Administrator.

To avoid confusion send links Leaving website to be certain collaborators are looking for materials in the right folder.
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