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If you collaborate on a number of projects, the "All Files" view in box could become rather lengthy over time. Employing some of the strategies listed below should help you easily locate important files and folders as your file list grows. Bookmarks can also be used to share links to important web-resources that are not located in your Penn+Box folders.

Create bookmarks to quickly access all types of content

You can access any content hosted on Penn Box or link to externally hosted content by creating a bookmark Leaving Penn Box Support website. Bookmarks within Box can point to other folders hosted on Box, or can point to a single file.

Bookmarks can also link to content hosted on external web sites. So for example, if you want your team to easily access an article on The Almanac's web page, you can place a bookmark to the article in your Box folder.

Using bookmarks in Penn+Box provides a distinct advantage over web-browser bookmarks that limit access since they are stored on your computer. Using bookmarks in Penn+Box facilitates quick linking to content, that is device and location independent allowing an entire team of collaborators to make use of them.

Use Tags to filter file and folder views based on content

Add tags Leaving Penn Box Support websiteto your files and folders help filter content based on topic areas, organizations, and a variety of other categories to allow you to locate and access matieral more quickly.



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