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Creating Your Penn+Box Account

You must first establish your Penn+Box account using a computer, not a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone.

To create your Penn+Box account:

  1. Go to Leaving website on your computer.

  2. On the Penn+Box Welcome screen, click the "Continue" button on the right.
    • When you are already logged into a PennKey-authenticated web application:

      If you are already logged into a PennKey-secured application like U@Penn when you first try to join Box, your account will automatically be created and set to use PennKey (Single-Sign-On). You will not need to go through the account creation process, and you will automatically be taken to the folder or file from which the collaboration or file share invitation originated.
    • When you are not logged into a PennKey-authenticated web application:

      In the process of creating your account you will be asked to provide an email address. Penn+Box does not recognize individual sub-domains at Penn, so instead of listing your address as "", for example, you'll need to provide your email simply as "". Forwarding has been established that will ensure that messages sent to the mail address from Box will go to your fully qualified school or department email address.

    After you've entered your email, check the box next to "Use my company's Single Sign On," then press "Enter". Your Penn+Box account will be created, and you'll be prompted to enter your PennKey and password to gain access to the service.

  3. Add your fully qualified Penn email address to your account.

    While the Penn+Box service requires accounts to be formatted as, if you use an email address formatted as, you should register that additional email address on your account.

    Registration of additional email addresses is not automatic. Individuals who use fully qualified email addresses must register their email address on their Penn+Box account. Subsequently, they must make the new email address the primary address for the account. Instructions for registering a 2nd email address and making it the primary address on a Box account can be found at: Leaving website.

Upon completing these steps, service generated messages and collaboration invitations will be sent to your fully qualified email address, and links sent to fully qualified email addresses will be associated with the correct account in Box.

Contact your LSP if you have trouble with any of these steps.

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