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What applications are included in the service?

Not all applications that can access data on Penn+Box are currently authorized to do so. The set of applications that can access data on Penn+Box that are enabled today have been assessed for suitability for Penn's environment by a cross-University team. At any time, this list of available applications may be altered.

When you first log into Penn+Box at, you can view My Applications to view the current list of available applications.

Penn's contract with Internet2 includes the following services, which are currently enabled:

  • Box for Android
  • Box for Android Tablet
  • Box for Blackberry
  • Box for Blackberry Playbook
  • Box for Chatter
  • Box for Courier
  • Box for iPad
  • Box for iPhone
  • Box for Office
  • Box for Outlook
  • Box for Touchpad
  • Web Documents

In addition, these applications are also currently enabled:

  • Box client for WebOS
  • Box Edit
  • Box FTP Server
  • Box in Confluence Wiki
  • Box in JIRA
  • Box for Windows Phone
  • Box SimpleShare
  • Box Sync for Mac
  • Box Sync for Windows
  • Email
  • GoodReader
  • iAnnotate PDF
  • XML Viewer

Submit a request to consider enabling an additional Box 3rd party application.


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