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Can I use my PennKey to connect to Penn+Box and can I use single sign on?

Yes. By default, all active part-time and full-time faculty, staff, and students can use their PennKey credentials to connect.

All Penn+Box accounts for users with account names are capable of using PennKey authentication. Penn+Box accounts may also have a local password for use in emergencies, for third-party applications, or for accounts without names.

Single sign on with PennKey is recommended.

Via the Web

The right side of the Penn+Box web login screen directs users to a single sign on login for Penn:

    • Log in:

  • Part of University of Pennsylvania?

    University of Pennsylvania uses their login credentials to access Box. Continue below to log in on the University of Pennsylvania web site.
  • Continue
  • Click the Continue button. Users should type their PennKey credentials into the Penn WebLogin window that appears. Users with an active Penn WebLogin session will be logged into Penn+Box without needing to retype a PennKey credential.

    Via Penn+Box Sync

    Users can synchronize the contents of files and folders on their desktop or laptop to the Penn+Box service. PennKey authentication from the desktop synchronization clients is enabled.


    In the Box Sync for Mac application preferences, view the Settings screen that requests a user name and password. It says:
     Log into your Penn+Box account or use Single Sign On
    Choose the "use Single Sign On" link and use [pennkey] and your PennKey password.


    In the Box Sync for Windows application preferences, view the Settings tab and click the check box for:
     Use my company's single sign-on credentials
    use [pennkey] and your PennKey password.
    Note The Penn+Box Sync applications will not accept PennKey usernames and passwords in the "regular" login screens. You must select the single sign on option in each application if you wish to use PennKey.

    Via Mobile Devices

    Single sign on logins vary on the mobile device clients.


    In Settings, select "I have an account." The main login settings screen assumes the use of local Penn+Box credentials. Instead, select "More login options" to show the SSO login box. Type your [pennkey] address and press the Continue button. You will be prompted one time with a Penn WebLogin window. Your device will cache a security token so you will not be prompted for a credential again.

    Android 4.1

    In the initial splash screen, select "Log in with SSO". Type your [pennkey] address and press the "Log In" button. A Penn WebLogin window will appear. Authenticate with your PennKey and password and press Continue. Your device will cache a security token so you will not be prompted for credentials again.


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