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9/12/2017 Introducing a new user interface for the Penn+Box service.

Penn+Box Overview

Penn+Box is a collaboration service in the cloud for sharing files and folders. Penn+Box users can manage and access content via desktop file managers, web browsers, common office applications, and mobile devices.

In addition to file sharing, Penn+Box offers a set of applications and tools that facilitate collaboration and data sharing, while offering the assurance that University data and intellectual property are securely protected.


The University of Pennsylvania provides the Penn+Box service to individuals with active full or part-time faculty, student, and staff affiliations, via an agreement with Internet2.

While the University's contract does afford confidence in the security and ownership of content stored on Penn+Box, please read the Security Considerations and Appropriate Use Guidelines and the Privacy Guidance documentation before using the service.

Benefits and features

Penn+Box has the following benefits:

For Individuals with active full or part-time faculty, student, and staff affiliations. (This does not include temporary staff, visiting scholars, contractors, and alumni.):

  • Manage files and folders and control who has access to view or edit from within or outside of Penn
  • Send large files to recipients as download links, not email attachments
  • Leverage built-in discussion forum, commenting, and task tracking tools
  • Access information from a variety of popular operating systems, browsers, and handheld devices

For IT Professionals:

  • Replace or augment premise-based FTP servers, fileservers, and content and document management systems like Microsoft SharePoint
  • Ensure that shared data is accessed via PennKey and encrypted from end-to-end
  • Manage groups of users and folders

For Educators and Researchers:

  • Control and share data with students and collaborators around the world
  • Leverage Penn's Internet2 connection to move data quickly to and from the cloud
  • Rely on automatic revision control to keep track of changes and restore to earlier versions

Information about this web site & the Box interface

This site is designed to help familiarize you with using the Penn+Box Service. Documentation here complements the comprehensive support documentation and user forums provided by Penn+Box in support of their service's features, collaboration tools, and apps.

Penn+Box is a cloud service offering. It is not run by ISC. Box will periodically update the service resulting in subtle changes to the interface and features similar to the periodic changes made to Facebook and Twitter etc. ISC does not control what these changes are and when these changes will be implemented, nor can we reverse them once they have been implemented.


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