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An application is any software or automated business system (which may include inderdependent hardware and software components) that processes data and supports one or more business functions. Functions may be specific to an individual department, group of departments, or work group, or may be "global" across major components of the University.

Applications are created by a variey of tools (which would include, for example, a word processing tool or spreadsheet tool) and execute on a variety of technical platforms.

The applications principles apply to all applications which support one or more specific administrative (as opposed to instruction or research) functions. The tools used to create applications and the platforms on which they execute are covered by the infrastructure principles.

Note: In all the applications principles, to "acquire" an application includes all of the following acquisition methods: purchase, develop, or receive as a gift.


"University administrative data" is data created or used in the performance of an administrative University function. In this context University administrative data includes data which is used across the University (enterprise-wide) as well as data which is use by a limited number of organizations (local). University administrative data will be classified and further defined via policies and standards for the purposes of collection, storage, security and access.


Infrastructure is the set of underlying technologies that link data and applications, including hardware, software, communications. It includes all components of the users' technical environment (desktop hardware and software), the hardware, software and communications which provide applications and electronic services, and the tools used to create those applications and services.

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