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Principle 4 - Policies, standards, and models

Policies, standards, models and methodologies--based on the principles outlined here-govern the acquisition and use of data and information technology. Regular update and communication are required.


More effective communication and collaboration is possible; development, training and support costs can be reduced; investments can be leveraged by sharing equipment, facilities, and software components.


  • With Penn's responsibility center approach to budgeting, schools and administrative centers control most of their information technology investment decision--as long as other organizations are not harmed and the University as a whole flourishes. Policies, standards, and models are the framework for that University perspective.
  • Policies and standards that benefit the University as a whole may be suboptimal for individual units.
  • Structures for effective development, communication, use and enforcement of policies, standards, models, and methodologies must be established and maintained.
  • Incentives and education are preferred strategies for enlisting compliance.
  • Policies and standards must be developed and communicated on a timely basis before substantial investments are made.
  • Policies, standards, models, and methodologies will evolve. Structures must be in place for regular review and update.
  • Penn needs to pick areas of standardization strategically and selectively.
  • Migration strategies and structured change management processes must be established to move from current to desired future environments.
  • Application development methodologies and tools used consistently across organizational units increased the pool of reusable software components and allow for the sharing and exchange of resources.

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