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Principle 7 - Data Accuracy.

University administrative data must be accurate and collected in a timely way.


Performance and decision making, at all levels of the University, require dependable data.


  • Applications must adhere to data policies, standards, and documentation when presenting, creating, and modifying data.
  • Each individual that presents, creates or modifies data has a personal responsibility for the accuracy and timeliness of that data.
  • Data needs a steward, and policies and plans will be required for assigning stewards.
  • The data steward and those responsible for systems that use, create, or modify the data must agree on what constitutes accuracy and timeliness of the data.
  • Each organizational unit that uses, creates or modifies data has operational responsibility for data accuracy, validity, completeness, and consistency.
  • In addition to data security, ease of use and ease of administration must be considered in determining security policy implementation strategies.
  • Data validity rules must be applied where they will be most effective (for example, at the physical level of data, within the application, etc.)

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