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Principle 13 - Data Documentation.

Detailed information about University administrative data must be created, maintained and made available.


Convenient, complete and well-understood documentation of University administrative data is required to maintain its accuracy and to make the data easier to locate, share, interpret, and use.


  • Standards are needed for data documentation. Examples of needed documentation included data naming, data definition, relationships with other data, validation rules, storage location and data chronology (timing of data collection, data volatility, length of retention etc.
  • A central, accessible electronic repository must be created, maintained, and supported for retention of the data architecture and the data documentation. It is advantageous for all documentation about "University administrative data" to reside in a central repository.
  • Creating complete, correct definitions for data takes considerable effort. Projects should allow time and resources to reflect this effort.
  • Documentation for historical data must be maintained and made available.
  • The data steward is responsible for ensuring that documentation is complete and adheres to standards.

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