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Principle 15 - Applications Adaptability

Applications must be easily adaptable to changing business and technical requirements.


Penn must be able to adapt quickly to changing requirements to take advantage of new opportunities and respond to changes in the environment.


  • An application's flexibility in handling business requirements and the ease with which it can be adapted to fit an evolving technical environment should be important objectives of the application design process and should also be part of the evaluation criteria used in acquiring vendor applications.
  • Applications which are flexible in handling business requirements will make it easier to share applications rather than replicating them across different organizations.
  • As applications are modified to accommodate changes in business rules or as new applications are implemented to replace older ones, appropriate migration strategies must be defined to address the retention of historical data and its associated business and transformation rules.
  • Applications should be developed using a standard set of productivity tools and reusable components (for example, data access and validation routines, common algorithms, etc.). These features apply to vendor solutions as well as internally developed applications.

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