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Principle 19 - Infrastructure - Communications within the University

The telecommunications infrastructure must be standardized to allow reliable, easy interaction among individuals, work groups, departments, schools, and centers.


Penn explicitly wishes to distinguish itself as the research university that integrated people and programs across disciplines and schools, fostering creativity and innovation. Costs can be contained and resources leveraged when the work group is no longer bound by physical proximity.


  • Appropriate University communications standards are required. This should include standards for wiring, protocols, hardware and software.
  • Balance must be sought among infrastructure solutions that optimize local work group connectivity and cross-University connectivity.
  • The infrastructure must accommodate off-campus connectivity, including , remote sites, and the needs of business travelers.
  • Communications infrastructure alone will not enable fluid, ad hoc, project-determined work group computing. Appropriate hardware and software standards and management structures are required.
  • Opportunities for resource sharing across the network must be exploited.
  • Work group computing strategies must be developed to reduce the cost of shareable software licenses and expensive peripheral hardware.

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